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B12, Bee Pollen for IBS

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Kylwel (Gilmer, Tx) on 11/26/2009:
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Hello, Earthclinic readers. I'm a 46 y/o woman. A few years ago as I was going through a divorce, I developed severe abdominal pain. It would be located high, or near my ribs, off to one side or very low in my abdominal area. Hardly ever in the same spot. My Dr. did a few tests and sent me to radiology for a sonogram of my gall bladder, appendix and ovaries. The sonographer told me my symptoms sounded like IBS, she had it. Coincidentally, I had run out of my multi vitamins some time ago and hadn't replaced them. Sometime after that Dr. appt I did get more and noticed a few days after taking them again that the pain went away.

I was talking to a friend of mine whose granddaughter had been diagnosed with Crohn's Disease and in doing her own research discovered that B12 and Royal Jelly could be beneficial. She opted to try this rather than put her 8 y/o granddaughter through the recommended surgery. It worked! The pain was completely gone in no time. I looked at the label on my vitamin bottle to find that they did indeed contain a hefty dose of B12 and bee pollen, but not Royal Jelly. Subsequently, I ran out of vitamins again and after several weeks without them - you guessed it - the abdominal pain returned! I didn't waste any time getting to the local health food store to get my multi-vitamin and sure enough, after a few days, the pain was completely gone again. I'm convinced, B12 and bee pollen or Royal Jelly must be good for the digestive system. My vitamins are Nature's ___ ___ ___. It's a whole food and chock full of good stuff.
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