Prebiotics and Probiotics for Hidradenitis Suppurativa

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Robin (Rancho Mirage) on 06/02/2017:
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I must tell you my findings for HS. I have been taking a pro-biotic and now a pre-biotic which helps good bacteria grow in your gut. HS is a manifestation of your gut being off. Its not about hygiene, hormones or whatever the doctors want you to believe. They don't know. I'm telling you get a good probiotic take it 3 times a day if you are having issues with this terrible HS. I've cured myself. I decided it had to be something we all do. Antibiotics, for kids the elderly who never had HS, women, Men doing surgery which didn't help! UGG. Please get a probiotic that will start righting the very low good bacteria you have in your gut. It helps and a prebiotic is even better it helps proliferate the good bacteria and as it grows you have less HS. Don't take my word for it just start ingesting a good one. I am cured, and I live in a hot desert where I sweat. Nothing to do with HS just an easy way for the strep to get out.

Physician heal thyself. Take a responsible step to your own health. God Bless

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