Omega Oils for Hidradenitis Suppurativa

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DJ (Pensacola, FL) on 01/30/2009:
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I went through a period where I was getting genital boils or pimples that would be very painful and sometimes had to be lanced. I began to get them with ever increasing frequency until finally I was getting them every 2-3 weeks. They would take 7-10 days to develop and resolve and I would be relieved only to get a new one within a short time. That made it kind of difficult to work and I used up a lot of vacation time and annoyed my employers. The gynecologist thought I had something called hydradenitis suppurativa. My dermatologist agreed. There was no real treatment, so they said.

Looking it up on the internet I found lots of painful stories but not much help to be had. I did come across a doctor's explanation to a poster, though, that I would remember later. The doctor said that the problem was that the oil in the hair follicles was too thick and was clogging up the pores because the poster was not getting enough essential oils. That made no sense to me so I forgot about it. Later, at the height of my boil problems I decided that losing weight would help so I started the Atkins diet program. If you do it right, you take their supplementary oil capsules - esential fatty acids, ie. Omega Oils. I did that. After a period of months, I suddenly realized that I had not had a boil in a long time and I remembered that doctor's comment. Eventually I stopped the diet and stopped taking the oils. The boils came back. I started taking the oils again - they went away.

Connecting the dots, I now make sure that I supplement with Omega oils regularly and that keeps the little beasties away. If I get one, which is rare now, I usually realize that I haven't been taking my oils again and when I restart, they disappear. We need these essential fatty acids anyway for other reasons so why not? To me, it seems a reasonable trade and a very easy cure for a tough problem that I have discovered is a lot more common among women than I would have expected.

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