Omega 3 Oils for Hidradenitis Suppurativa

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Donna (Pensacola FL) on 03/21/2022:
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I posted about this originally in 2013 and as its now 2022 I wanted to add that I have followed my own advice to take omega-3 oils (specifically flax seed oil) every time a boil has tried to build and it always resolves quickly. It has worked consistently for me and as long as I make sure to take flax seed oil capsules regularly I stay boil free. (I was diagnosed with hydradenitia suppurativa.)

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Donna (Pensacola, Fl, Usa) on 04/14/2013:
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When I was younger I started having a problem with boils in very uncomfortable places. They often had to be lanced. Both the problem and the cure were very painful! They began to occur with increasing frequency until I was getting them about every two weeks and missing a lot of work. I was at my wit's end. The gynecologist said it was clogged glands, the dermatologist said it could be hydradenitis suppurativa. I researched that and was horrified to think that was what I could be facing. It's not a pleasant problem.

While doing a little research on it, I came across a posting on an internet forum by a doctor advising people that hydradenitis suppurativa was caused by body oils that became thick and clogged pores which then became boils or carbuncles. (His explanation was better than mine as I am working from memory and it was 15-20 years ago.) He recommended taking Omega 3 oils. I immediately realized that I had been having a remission of the problem for awhile because I had been doing the Atkins diet and taking quite a lot of oil capsules on a daily basis for a year. It had been about 6 months since I stopped taking them because I stopped the diet and the boils had come back to my great dismay.

I immediately started taking them again and the problem was relieved. I have consistently taken oils since then (usually flax seed oils but sometimes fish oils or a combination) and find that as long as I get regular doses, I don't have boils but if I go for too long without it they come back. When I realize that I am starting to get one then I immediately start the oil regimen and they resolve.

I am also prone to Psoriasis or Eczema around my ears and on my scalp. I was not having much luck treating that either but it occurred to me that maybe I was low on oils again so I started taking them and it seemed to clear up. Maybe that was a coincidence but nothing else was working and it had spread all over my scalp and was itching like crazy.

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