Laser Therapy for Hidradenitis Suppurativa

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Matt (Nurnberg, Germany) on 10/07/2012:
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Your ailment can now be treated and removed through a minimal invasive method, involving the use of laser technology. Unlike conventional treatments, this method allows for complete healing of all fistulas and dermoids, without the excision of the inflammatory tissue. There is no longer a need for massive tissue removal - which means no large wounds or fissures are created.

After an ultrasound examination of the tissue, the infected area is sealed off and confined using a surgical laser; the abscess is opened through two tiny laser incisions and removed. After removal, the laser beam is focused on the closed cavity. In this way the previously infected and inflamed area is disinfected and sterilized. In turn the laser beam causes the cavity to contract, reducing the vacant area significantly. A minor, post-surgical treatment of the external tissue is performed.

This minimal invasive procedure allows complete recover within 2-3 weeks.

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