H.S. Dressings for Hidradenitis Suppurativa

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Nanette (Weirsdale, Florida) on 09/24/2014:
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Hello Everyone, Seems there is a big club of "us". I have found it starts with food and to go further I read lots of info on a castor oil pack detox...especially to do with Edgar Cayce. It starts with our gut and the foods we put in. Doing a detox pack tomorrow..hopefully getting my gut detox and putting only Paleo friendly...watch nightshades..in my tummy. Drinking teas and only cut refined sugar and only using raw honey which seems to be doing something productive. Just started all of this 100% cause I love sugar and I smoke...a nighshade. Still learning and wish you all well...God bless us all. Amen!

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Chris (Ballarat, Australia) on 03/02/2009:
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What a wonderful site! I have suffered with HS for 35 years now. Doctors are useless in treating this condition, its just antibiotics or very scary medication that I refused to take, because it was just too damaging (anything that causes massive birth defects in babies should you fall pregnant within 2 years of just taking 1 tablet can't be good!!)

I have them under my armpits where I've had 4 operations over the years to get the rotten things removed, but they always come back. I also have them in the groin and buttocks. Mine have recently changed form however, they have decided to come out as small boils all over my body now, naturally of course, doctors put me on antibiotics (I think its high time somebody out there in the medical world did some research on this condition, more and more people are developing it, yet nobody knows anything about it or how to cure it).

Anyhow, I thought I'd mention a product that I've used on my pustules for draining them. It may help someone out there, I've found it very effective for drawing the contents of them out once they burst. The name of the dressing is Allevyn. It comes in an adhesive and non adhesive variety. It can be awkward at times to cover a boil, depending on where it is (if its a groin one in the crease, I usually find the non adhesive handy, they can be placed over it and undies hold it in place). The adhesive is good if you get them on flat areas, like thighs or tummies. A GP put me onto this product, they use it to dress ulcers on the legs to drain out the infection.

Experimentation is the key, I sometimes use the non adhesive with some sticking plaster to hold it in place. Anyhow, if you tend to suffer when they break open with that awful smelly gunk that comes out of them, these dressings will drain all that awful muck out, which I find makes me feel alot better. These dressings are designed to be left in place for 2 or 3 days though, so you don't have to replace them daily, unless necessary. But I'm definitely going to try this turmeric remedy, it sounds marvellous.

My prayers to you all fellow HS sufferers. Its a rotten disease, a life destroying disease and its about time somebody did some research on HS. We need to know why we have it and what can cure it. In my 35 years of suffering from it, surgery is still the only option and its anything but permanent!!! That's just plain sad...
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