Ginger, Garlic, Mint, Pomegranate for Hidradenitis Suppurativa

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Zahid (Saudi Arabia) on 02/10/2015:
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Dear All who is suffering from this horrible disease Hidradenitis Suppurativa,

I have been facing this issue since last one year and doctors say we can not help in this case even they don't understand what is causing this disease. Two weeks ago I visited my dad and he told me one remedy and I came back and tried and trust me I was surprised. It's herbal Antibiotic which seems 1000 times more effective than medical stuff.

OK try this ...I am same like you, searched on google for whole year, tried many things but nothing worked but this thing which I am going to share here. Cures me 70 % in 10 days ..
I am sure you don't believe but try it and then inform me within two weeks..within 2 3 days you will be letting me know that it's killing the disease..

Here you go

1) fresh ginger 50 grams
2) fresh garlic 25 grams
3) mint leaves 50 gram (fresh)
4) pomegranate seeds 50 grams (dried one)

Put in a blender and make a sauce; now put in an air tight jar.

Dosage:: 1 tablespoon (full) after breakfast, 1 after lunch, 1 after dinner.(with water) ...OR you can put this paste on the Bread and eat it...

Please Please for one week don't eat fast food; you will sea the result which will amaze you.. Please guys share it with everyone .. May Allah cure everyone from all the diseases... Best Of Luck Waiting for your response...

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