Exfoliationg Scrub, Tea Tree Oil Deodorant for Hidradenitis Suppurativa

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Ck (Anchorage, Ak) on 07/09/2011:
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After trying the gamut of internal and external treatments for the past 30 years - everything short of surgery - I have had some promising results (touch wood) with two simple products: exfoliating body scrub and a tea tree oil-based deodorant. This will not necessarily clear up an existing outbreak but it may help prevent or reduce the severity of future ones.

Try an exfoliating body scrub daily on problem areas. I have been using a Neutrogena acne scrub containing salycilic acid, as well as a delightful coconut scrub from Pure Fiji. They help keep pores and follicles clear and may keep nasties from getting a foothold.

Have also switched to a tea trea oil-based deodorant (by Jason), applying it to armpits as well as other problem areas.

I started this about 4 months ago after an especially nasty and persistent outbreak that affected several parts of my body at once. It finally cleared up with a course of heavy antibiotics supplemented by several of the home remedies described on this forum (especially turmeric tea, turmeric paste, and tea trea oil). In 4 months I have had only a couple of very small and superficial "pimples" that subsided in 1 or 2 days. Good luck.


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