Essential Oils for Hidradenitis Suppurativa

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Laurie A (Canada) on 04/20/2018:
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Hidratinosis Supperativa is an auto-immune disease. What works for me is to use a 1 percent dilution of either Frankincense or Lemongrass in fractionated coconut oil. You can apply this to existing cysts 1-3 times a day and they will drain, then heal. Manuka essential oils is another good one, but I prefer the Frankincense as I must put this in delicate places.

Using a one-percent dilution (about 2-3 DROPS into 10 ml - 2 teaspoons) of fractionated coconut oil or jojoba oil will allow you to use this continuously. You should continue to use it after the cyst has cleared to ensure all inflammation is gone. Oil of oregano can be used, but it is a HOT oil and you need to be careful around tender tissues. I would not use more than 2 DROPS of oil of oregano in 2 tsps carrier oil, but it IS effective.

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