Curcumin for Hidradenitis Suppurativa

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Tee (Atlanta, Ga.) on 06/25/2012:
5 out of 5 stars

I have had HS for years now and was diagnosed a little over a year ago. I was so relieved to finally have a professional tell me what I thought it was. My family doctor kept calling it hair bumps and told me to stop shaving down there. My outbreaks occur on my panty line so needless to say just walking hurt like heck. I was constantly wearing band-aids to stop my panties from rubbing up against them. I even wore boy short panties for awhile, but that did not help.

Well, I visited a couple of sites, including this one, and figured I would give the turmeric a try. I went to a health food store that I always go to get cleanses and stuff and the owner, who is very informative, told me to take the kind that says curcumin, not turmeric. Even though they are the same, for some reason curcumin seems to do better. I have no idea why since they are the same, but WOW! I had a sore that would not go away or heal for close to a year. It looked nasty and was very painful. It has finally healed and looks so much better. I am also taking zinc with it as well. I take one zinc pill that is 30mg and one curcumin pill that is 1000mg. When I first started I was taking 2 of each, but lowered the dosage once my sore closed up.

I have always been taking the zinc, but did not see any results. Right before I started taking the curcumin I started taking 2 zinc pills and actually noticed a difference. So I am not sure if the zinc may have worked on its own or not. I actually believe that curcumin helped. I will be taking the curcumin for life if I have to because the way my sores looked and the pain I felt before I started taking them is not something I ever want to feel again.

I hope this helps someone that is looking for some relief.

Oh, the curcumin also helped with my back pain since it is an anti-inflammatory as well. Knocked out two birds with one stone....

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