Colloidal Silver, Probiotic Spray + for Hidradenitis Suppurativa

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BevilNC (NC) on 05/07/2022:
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HS, MRSA, Boils and other conditions

Some time back I posted about treating boils, and possible HS with DMSO and had amazing results. I had been in remission for quite some time now, a couple of years. Then recently in all of my most recent detoxing I started to have hints of odd bumps and things again in my groin and underarm areas. The only areas I have ever had any skin issues. My first thought was oh my body is detoxing out some stuff. Then last week one began to progress and became large and painful to the point I was having trouble moving my arm. I threw the kitchen sink at it.

Liposomal C and zinc, colloidal sliver, turmeric and pepper, Sulphur internally. I topically did DMSO, Iodine, Colloidal silver, nano zinc powder, Hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, alcohol, pulling salve and it continued to get worse. I was NOT wanting to go to a Doctor and end up on an antibiotic that would destroy years of trying to heal my system.

In desperation, I began to research again and came upon a YouTube Video I had never seen before of a young man named Connor Murphy. I watched his heartfelt and humble testimony about years of suffering from MRSA and the divine intervention that led him to cure it. I immediately went and got some Hibiclens and silver ointment, showered with the Hibiclens and put the silver on, and taped a gauze over it, within hours the pain was gone.

It never drained, it opened but no drainage and still a lump. I did this because I knew I had an active infection going that I had to get under control so the good bacteria could have a shot at getting a heads up on the bad bacteria. Then I did the unthinkable based on his knowledge.

I stopped washing with anything but water and I began to spray my body with liquid Probiotic spray several times a day. I even sprayed my hair after my showers. It has been 6 days and the swelling and inflammation have not returned.

I also have ZERO body odor in spite of it being in the 90's here and working outside in my garden daily sweating. I am now a believer and am actively cutting any remaining sources of sugars in my diet and have begun lacto-fermenting to get my gut as full of good bacteria as possible.

I purchased the Probiotic skin spray via amazon after seeing his video to get it quickly but I am now making my own. I took a quart size mason jar, added a couple of teaspoons of raw organic honey and dumped the contents of two critical care probiotic capsules into the jar, put the lid on and left it to sit on my counter for three days. I am now drinking it and using it as a body spray. This is a great way to save a lot of money on good quality probiotics as well because I can just grow the capsules in the liquid and quadruple what I paid for. I believe this young man was in fact led to his cure by a Higher Power and not only is it working but for the first time it makes sense.

The antibacterial soaps and bleach baths and all the anti-fungal anti-parasite stuff we are using is killing the bad stuff giving temporary symptom relief but also killing the good bacteria thus never allowing it to conquer the bad stuff and get the situation back in balance. Like the Hibiclens and silver salve, all these cleanses and anti-stuff solutions like DMSO, Hydrogen Peroxide and turpentine and Methlyene Blue are great for getting an active infection or health imbalance back under control but unless we fix the underlying biome so the body can balance and take back over then we are are all just kicking a can down the road. The only entity capable of a true cure is the body itself.

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