Black Onion Seeds for Hidradenitis Suppurativa

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Ash (Bolton, Lancashire, UK) on 02/14/2008:
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my daughter is 9yrs old, she is suffering from painfull boils and swollen lumph in a groin area for the last 2 yrs . dermatologist has told us two months ago that she has Hidradenitis Suppurativa and there is no cure for this disease. she is on anitbioitc but believe me it doesnt help.

few weeks ago i read in a book about " black onion seeds" Tiny and black seeds of the nigella plant. in hindi and urdu it calls [kalonji] if you search on the google you will find more information about it. easily can buy from asian shops or buy online.

believe me her boils and swollen lymp nearly gone now.there is no new boil appear for the last few week. and i also give her turmeric powder as well it helps for wounds definately.

1: half tea spoone of "black onion seeds" with water everyday. before breakfast would be better.
2: turmeric powder,half tea spoone with water any time in a day.
3: drink atleast 8 glass of water.
4: try to eat healthy food and fruits instead of oil or fried food.
i m reffering this email to Charlene from Hope Mills, NC.

please believe on "black onion seeds" and try it should work.atleast try 1 or 2 months.
i would be greatfull if i get a feed back.

i saw my daughter how she suffers and i can understand how much people r in pain ..please try black onion seeds..

thank u very much

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