Avoiding Chemical Allergies for Hidradenitis Suppurativa

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Anonymous (Holland) on 06/14/2013:
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Like many, I suffered from HS since puberty (so now about 10 years). I only went to the doctor once as a teen, this was quite traumatic as she simply told me I wasn't keeping myself clean. After that I started showering multiple times a day which caused the infections to get so bad I couldn't even walk. Now I know I'm extremely allergic to synthetic parfum and sulfates (also suspecting benzoates). I can't have it in anything, even if I wear clothes that've been washed with a 'wrong' detergent I'll break out within the hour. However, when I avoid bad soaps I'm 100% healthy (skinwise). Dietwise I eat mostly organic with much fruits and veggies and no porc, little sugar etc.. So I'm not sure if I would have infections again if I'd eat unhealthy. BUT I do smoke, drink coffee and alchohol, which doesn't seem to have any (negative) influence whatsoever.
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