Avoid Bubble Baths for Hidradenitis Suppurativa


Sherry (Central City, Ky) on 07/04/2009:
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I used to get boils in the groin area and just could not figure out why. I finally figured out what was causing this ailment after years and years of wondering. I had for years used bubble bath and I used many different ones throughout the years. Once I ran out and forgot to get some and again kept forgetting to pick some up. I didn't get any boils for a while. I bought some more bubble bath and I again got boils. I finally realized that whatever ingredient was in these bubble baths was causing my problem and I stopped using it altogether thank goodness. I am now boil free. So if you think that products are not harmful something as simple as bubble bath, think again. I won't use it ever again. I am a bath person as I like to soak and relax in a tub and I loved my bubbles.. but have learned to live without them.
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