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Jessy (sarasota, usa) on 07/08/2008:
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Hidradenitis Suppurativa Remedies: Please beware of any suggestion to try ACCUTANE, if it is still being scripted. The side effects can be immediate & devastating. Please notice if summer's heat aggravates your HS. There's already an internal body heat issue, coupled with the external heat of the season. There are several Chinese herbal formulas that may be helpful, but they must be given professionally, because each person's constitution is different. PLEASE CONSULT A TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICAL PRACTITIONER WHENEVER YOU CAN, as there are a variety of herbal washes, tablets, & foods, that may be effective. I am trying a remedy called Coptis Detox that seems to have been of great relief in reducing the internal heat that adds to the pain of breakouts. Will report more as results develop.

Also, for the Lady & the colonics - YES/YES/YES, they are helpful too, but not without a change in intake of foods that could be aggravating the condition. Notice your intake & break-out routine, so that you can capture what triggers an outbreak. For me, for example, BEER-CITRUS-TOMATOES, much as I love all those things are guarenteed break-out starters, AS WELL AS STRESS & WT. GAIN. In fact if there's any goodness to this, it is that breakouts tell me that a weight gain of at least 10 lbs has happened...Jessy


Darlene (Berea, KY,usa) on 04/14/2007:
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I suffered from Hidradenitis Suppurativa about 3 years ago, in fact one sore under my arm got to the size of a baseball and my physician did an in office procedure to open it up, and if that did not work I would have had to go to a surgeon for the final draining, fortunately that worked. I swore I would not have that happen again, so I did some research. The problem seems to be linked with a skin surface yeast infection, occurring in the areas that tend to stay moist ( underarms , under the breasts, and around the groin area) so I have taken steps to treat it like a yeast infection with perfect success.

1. Stop using roll on, or stick antiperspirant. the repeated contact while infected only serves to reinfect you when you get clear, plus antiperspirant tends to clog the pores trapping the infection inside. So using a pump spray deodorant such as FDS is much more effective during the treatment.
2. Do not use antibacterial soap it actually kills the naturally occurring good bacteria that helps keep yeast infections in check.
3.Twice daily massage natural live bacteria yogurt on these areas like you would a lotion. (note: use unsweetened,unflavored natural yogurt for this, otherwise it is a sticky mess.)(you can also use an over the counter yeast infection vaginal cream for this if you prefer.)
4. Shower Daily taking care to thoroughly wash, and dry prone areas.
5. start a regimen of turmeric to help cleanse from the inside out.

Do this for 10 days and you can virtually say goodbye to Hidradenitis Suppurativa. I did all this myself and have been clear for 2 years, I have also recommended this to others with the same problem and they have also had excellent results. Even after they have repeatedly had doctors draining their sores and putting them on massive antibiotics for years.They are finally clearing up the problem.

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John (Corpus Christi , Texas, USA) on 03/16/2007:
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Hiradenitis Suppurativa 1) Stop using any form of Spray on or Roll on Deoderant. Clean with soap and water in Shower (Not Bath). Use a Stick -Type of Deoderant ( and Make Sure No One Else Uses It). Make Sure that you Dry Off very good Before you apply anything and use a Different Towel after Each Shower. If Redness Persists after you have done this, Use Hydrogen Peroxide on the Affected Areas after Shower. Then use Corn Starch on them to keep them Dry. If the condition does not fade or disappear within one week, Go Directly to your Doctor.
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