Colloidal Silver, Zinc, Apple Cider Vinegar for Hidradenitis Suppurativa

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Jess (Arizona, US) on 08/28/2014:
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Hey there. After having my hormonal birth control....the devil's mirena...i started to get Hidradenitis Suppurativa. I take hot baths daily. I run a bath and add tea tree oil...then empty the tub and use a sulfur based soap *it says to let it dry* then I run the bath again as hot as I can stand and add bleach *probably too much bleach* but my skin has cleared up so much its incredible. I don't drink sweet drinks. Water only and coffee occasionally. I went from having 10-20 boils and lesions to just little specks that I'm guessing are scarring. I know it sounds like a lot but I was fed up. I also apply a sulfur cream, and tea tree oil directly to the spot. It's all super cheap. I spend less than $10 for all of it and it lasts a month. I only bathe like this 2 times a week...but I use tea tree oil and sulfur every day. Hope this helps :) oh...and I stay naked unless I absolutely need keep dry...but I live in it ain't no thang. LOL! Good luck!
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Jennifer (Philadelphia, Pa) on 12/26/2011:
5 out of 5 stars

I have had HS for about 4 years now. Sadly, most doctors are not aware of the skin disease, and I have been diagnosed with Boils, Cysts, ingrown hairs, and was told to wear loose clothing, don't shave; everything they told me not to do- didn't work.

I only get them in my groin area- and it is the worst pain you could imagine. I am not overweight, nor have I ever been; as many say that is a big cause. I have never smoked. I have tried so many things including antibiotics on several occassions, topical antiobiotic creams, eating healthy, etc.

I have been taking Colloidal Silver for the past 7 months, and have seen a drastic difference. I don't get flares anymore (as long as I take it) but I know I am not cured becuase I can still feel the sacs under the skin and my skin is discolored. I had a wound that didn't heal for 4 months! That was when I started the Colloidal Silver. (My mom had told me about it). If I forget to take it, I am reminded when I start to get a flare up.

I also take Zinc supplements, and Apple Cider Vinegar tablets. I read on one of the forums that Oils (such as Omega) helps, as the oil glands are blocked because it is hardened. To me, this makes the most sense. I am going to try to include Oils in my supplements. We are all different, and every person's body reacts differently- which it's so hard because what works for one, may not work for another. You just have to keep trying different remedies, until you find what works best. I'm not sure which of the supplements I am taking are actually helping the most (of if all are) but I'm not stopping since it's working!

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