Premature Menopause for Pregnancy Remedies

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Jon (Australia) on 02/19/2015:
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Minerals! ...Early menopause can be caused by having low levels of minerals.

I would take Organic Black Strap Molasses (1-3 YN per day) and some liquid fulvic acid, or Feroxin liquid minerals. Minerals supplementation have help many women to start menses again. As well as the minerals, some Black Cohosh and red clover may do wonders.

Blackstrap Molasses

Posted by Donna Hyde. Lincoln, NE

[YEA] Blackstrap Molasses & Apple Cider Vinegar? I stopped my menstruation a year ago. I started black strap, and apple cider vinegar 1 month ago because my ankles were swollen, and redness was going up my legs. the apple cider and black strap did get rid of my swollen legs. I started a light period after 1 year of not having one. I said ''well hello''. I came to the conclusion that my body was so depleted of minerals that my body quit bleeding because it had nothing to give. I guess it will quit when it is ready to quit, I am not worried about it. I feel better than I have felt in years. if black strap was doing something to hurt me, then I would be feeling sickly. I feel young again. I don't suffer hot flashes anymore, my bones don't hurt, I am finally able to lose weight. I have lost 25 pounds since I started black strap almost 2 months ago. I take it with apple cider vinegar, and warm water. Thank God for His wisdom of what is good for us.

Posted by Rebecca (Sydney, Australia) on 01/31/2009

I stopped menstruating 2 years ago (I'm 47; my mother stopped at 46), and was pretty sure that I had gone through menopause. However, six months ago I started taking blackstrap molasses, and one month began bleeding. I stopped the molasses and the menstruation stopped too (it was very light). Now I have begun the molasses, the menstruation - very irregularly has begun again. I'm a bit worried why this is happening and whether it is normal. Anyone's informed feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

Posted by Juanita (Little Rock, AR) on 03/14/2008

[YEA] I was diagnosed with uterine fibroid cysts in Feb. of this year. I decided to take an active role in my health and see what I could do to shrink them(or get rid of them entirely) naturally. My doctor didn't want to do anything about them because I'm 48(he's hoping since I'm so close to menopause they will take care of themselves)and other than some heavy bleeding a day or two of my cycle(which were 9-16 days by the way) I wasn't having any problems, so he just wanted to "watch" them. Watch them do what? Grow? What if I'm NOT close to menopause and I'm one of those women that has a cycle until I'm 55?. No thanks!!! I came across this website and decided to try Blackstrap Molasses. It has been a miracle! I have only been taking it for two weeks(one Tablespoon each morning) and my oh my what a change! I had noooo PMS(even my sister noticed I wasn't as grouchy), very little cramping, no bloating, normal bleeding, and noooo clotting! A happy side effect(if you can call it a "side effect")is that my skin is as soft as a baby's bottom. I can't wait until I go back to my doctor next year and he finds NO fibroids! Oh, and I'm not sure, but the few gray hairs popping in around my temple area appears to have slowed. I will take BSM for the rest of my life! I will get back to you after my exam next year!!!!

Black Cohosh and Red Clover.

I did discover through all my research that red clover is also amazing

And those two, cohosh and red clover, are the best combination for late menses .. My period is never late. I still did not even hit pre menopause and I am 50? I think it is because I always take cohosh...always recommend it to women or young girls who are late with their menses. Even after years of not getting it they will get it again after a day or two...a friend was going to the doctor getting medication to get her period for 4 yrs.! And still did not get it..the doctor of course giving her some lame reason why?I told her just take 40 drops once a day or twice depending how far since your last period ..between one day and three your period will comeback...sure enough it came back also helps with PMS and for some people menopause ...I always buy more than three four at a time just in case I give it to people in desperate situations and always need to make sure I have plenty in stock... you won't regret it if this is your first time buying tastes horrible, but I do not use water I put the drops in orange juice ...and still works great...and the taste is bearable. But for the effect it is worth it, bad taste or not!

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