Pregnancy Rash: Dandelion Extract, Witch Hazel for Pregnancy Remedies

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Carla G (Atlanta, Ga) on 03/20/2010:
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Itchy Pregnancy Rash

Hi, I've wanted to help other women with this for 6 years but could not find a forum until now. While pregnant with my daughter I developed an unbearably itchy and unsightly rash on my stomach and face. Dermatologists, Obgyn and GP could not help. After hours of internet searching I found a forum on Pregnancy Rashes. Most of the over 500 entries said NOTHING helped but delivery of the baby and I was still 5 months away! I found about 5 woman who had used either topical Witch Hazel or Dandelion Root Extract. I checked every source I could find to make sure neither of these would be dangerous to the baby and then proceded to do both. I took twice the suggested dose on the Dandelion root (based on health food store recommendation) and applied Witch Hazel to the affected areas 3 times a day. By the time I returned to the dermatologist 2 weeks later for a biopsy appointment, the rash was gone! I was so thankful for those 5 women who posted. I hope this will be helpful to some other woman out there who is experienceing this awful side affect of what otherwise is a wonderful time in a woman's life.

Peace and Blessings

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