Gall Bladder Attacks for Pregnancy Remedies

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Amber (Delaware) on 08/27/2015:
5 out of 5 stars

I'm 35 weeks pregnant and was diagnosed with a gallbladder full of stone's about a month ago. When my attacks hit, I feel it right under my breast bone and wraps around my upper abdomen starting on the right side. The pain is about a 8-10 on the pain scale. I feel like my breathing is labored and I start to scream it gets so bad. I felt one coming on about an hour ago and quickly Google remedies online. Found one for ACV. It said add apple juice as well, but I was so desperate for relieve, I took 2 gulps straight from the bottle and although the pain went to a 9 on the pain scale and it was almost unbearable, it didn't last more than 10 minutes (longest 10 minutes of my life! But my first one lasted 2 hours, which caused me to go to the hospital and the second last about half hour) I HIGHLY recommend ACV!! It really works!!
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