Flax Seed Oil for Pregnancy Remedies

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Crystalin (San Juan, Pr) on 10/02/2009:
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During my first pregnancy, I experienced indigestion during my last trimester, which I understood to be normal. I started experiencing it earlier in my second pregnancy with more severe symptoms, and then earlier again in my third pregnancy, with increasingly severe symptoms. Before my fourth pregnancy, my mother-in-law (the best witch doctor around!) told me about flax seed oil. I tried to take a tablespoon with each meal(3x a day). Even if I didn't take in 3 a day, I still took at least 1 tablespoon a day. I never had any indigestion symptoms, until I went on a weekend trip in my 7th month, and forgot to bring my flax seed oil. I ended up having to sleep sitting up in a rocking chair. My indigestion was so severe, I was having a hard time breathing. When I got back home, I immediately resumed taking the flax seed oil, and had no more problems with indigestion.
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