Gut Microbiome and Autism

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Londa (Bigfork, MN) on 01/21/2022:
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Yes, we had our son tested for food sensitivities, removed those foods to stop the inflammation in the gut. Then you can start rebuilding the normal flora in the gut. Within 3 weeks we saw significant improvement in our son's behavior, communication, and he seemed to be aware of his surrounding for the first time. We made the change when he was 7, he is now 11. He is behind his peers in school but is making steady progress... if you make these changes you will not regret them.

Best of luck.

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natarajan (mumbai) on 07/31/2021:
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MY son is autistic. I heard that a bad gut is one of the big reasons for autism and the behaviour of autistic people. By curing a bad gut the behaviour pattern changes to good. Is there any chance of bringing the communicative skills can be improved. Any other suggestions? Please

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