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Re: Art's Gut Microbiome Article

Jake (Harrisburg, PA) on 09/26/2022
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Thanks, Art. Very good and informative article. Curious as to what your thoughts on lectins are? There is a well known doctor who claims they have a very negative impact on gut health and a major cause of leaky gut syndrome. He also says there are lots of lectins in foods such as peanuts, cashews, legumes/beans, green beans, whole grains and wheats among other foods. If you have time to comment, please do. Keep up the great work. I appreciate you.
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Recommended Videos for Gut Health +

Denise (California) on 03/14/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Vitamin D, Microbiome, Sleep... great info from Dr. Gominak

If Dr. Stasha Gominak is correct, this will be incredible for resolving MANY health problems, as well as maintaining health. She is a neurologist, because of her patients she was drawn into researching sleep disorders, and discovered an amazing link with vitamin D, the microbiome and B vitamins. (As many of you may know, vitamin D does not seem to be a vitamin, but a hormone. There is information from many people. Including Dr. Berg, that it dramatically affects Every system of the body.) According to her, without sufficient vitamin D (60-80 seems to be the sweet spot) we do not sleep well. And sleep is where most of the healing and regeneration takes place. Not only that, vitamin D is critical to the health of microbiome. She has a number of interviews on YouTube as well as a website.

Best wishes! I love bringing this information to Earth Clinic. I really urge everyone to watch one or more of her interviews! I watched three of them, and there was not that much overlap. I first saw a mention of doctor Gominak on this website.

Best wishes to all! Denise

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Gut Microbiome - Thank You Art!

Sheila (NY) on 02/10/2022
5 out of 5 stars

For Art Solbrig:

Thank you for all the great articles! They are providing signposts for my own search for answers. I just finished reading a book, The Mind-Gut Connection: How the Hidden Conversation Within Our Bodies Impacts Our Mood, Our Choices, and Our Overall Health by Emeran Mayer, MD. Free read on Kindle. Mayer is a 40 year researcher in the gut microbiota. Just wanted to share that and to, mainly, say thank you for your articles and to please keep them coming.

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Digestive Enzymes Question for Art

Peter (Chicago) on 12/29/2021
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Art, what is your opinion on digestive enzymes? I saw (a you tuber's) demonstration using digestive enzymes which turn oat meal into almost liquid. This particular brand has ionic mineral blend in addition other enzymes. Is that an indication of good digestive enzymes?

Butyrate, the Microbiome and Neuro Function

Frances (Cabarlah, Qld. ) on 11/08/2021
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I wonder if this link to information about butyrate would interest Earth Clinic readers. It was suggested by an Integrative Medicine site in Canada.

pdf of presentation also available.

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Rebuilding Gut Biome on Low-Dose Ongoing Chemo - Questions for Art

Steve (Uk ) on 11/07/2021
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That's fantastic research, Art!

Would you be as kind to help me with a problem we have concerning chemo tummy and rebuilding the biome?

My wife has been on low dose chemo now for 2 yrs (adv BC) and this past week she has got severe bloating and gas. I understand how this awful drug kills the biome and causes dysbiosis which no doubt is happening, but I believe it happened a week before and the catalyst was full fat milk, which she stupidly took with cereal (she is also lactose int). Now she's in pain and won't eat anything, obviously wheat, dairy, sugar, caffeine and glutens are a no no.

Can you please tell me what you think will alleviate this problem, please? I have given her Apple Cider Vinegar and bicarb in morns and bedtime and just Apple Cider Vinegar before after foods. Also charcoal, magnesium glycinate with food.

ps she doesn't like ginger.
much appreciated in advance,


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Vitamin Supplements and Gut Microbiome Question for Art

Rachel T (UK) on 11/03/2021

I have a few questions that Art may be able to answer. Is it true that if we take supplements that these cause imbalance in the gut bacteria? Would this cancel out the benefits of eating fibre, pistachios, fasting etc?
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Gut Microbiome - Question for Art

Jeremiah (Spokane) on 09/17/2021
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I like you have psoriasis and you're right, psoriasis is a really good way to see how things are working depending on how my psoriasis responds to any vitamin or treatment that I do. I recently have been drinking 1 tsp of borax daily. It has made me feel awesome. It is helping me control my candida and also raise testosterone, and help the parathyroid control calcium production. But, it has made my psoriasis really bad. It has spread all of my scalp and has gotten worse in all the areas that I have psoriasis. Do know of any reason why this is? It is making me feel really good but it made my psoriasis quite a bit worse. Should I discontinue use? Thank you

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FMT for Diabetes Type I - New Study Just Out

Art (California) on 08/03/2021
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In the article, I described how manipulating the gut microbiome using Fecal Microbiota Transplantation (FMT) had reduced Parkinson's disease symptoms by 50% or more!

I also said I would update as I found new info about gut microbiome manipulation. Many of you may be aware of how serious a disease Diabetes Type 1 is and how difficult it is to treat with treatments oftentimes not being very effective. I came across a human study yesterday that illustrates just how powerful the effects that gut microbiome manipulation can be on human health.

This newer Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT) (2021) used FMT as the means to manipulate the gut microbiome of relatively newly diagnosed (less than 6 weeks) Type 1 Diabetic patients.

This is the title of the study :

Faecal microbiota transplantation halts progression of human new-onset type 1 diabetes in a randomised controlled trial

Here is a link to the full study itself:

This study and other recent gut microbiome studies start to give us clues of how broad and how powerful the health effects of microbiota manipulation are in humans!


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Pistachios Contain and Increase Melatonin in Gut

Art (California) on 08/02/2021
5 out of 5 stars

In line with this article, I just found this study that found that aside from the benefits of pistachios mentioned in the original article, pistachios not only increase melatonin in the gut, they also contain one of the highest levels of melatonin of all food sources of melatonin! Losso_ Report to American Pistachio Growers_0.pdf

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Gut Microbiome and Autism

natarajan (mumbai) on 07/31/2021
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MY son is autistic. I heard that a bad gut is one of the big reasons for autism and the behaviour of autistic people. By curing a bad gut the behaviour pattern changes to good. Is there any chance of bringing the communicative skills can be improved. Any other suggestions? Please

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Would Garlic Bulbs in Apple Cider Vinegar Be Considered a Probiotic?

Gracie (Nottingham) on 07/30/2021

Hi, I've just come across a recipe for pickling whole cloves of garlic in apple cider vinegar, and wondered whether the resultant garlic would be classed as probiotic, or just pickled garlic.

The recipe says to take whole bulbs of garlic with the skin still on, place them in jars, and cover with apple cider vinegar, and leave for as long as possible.

Apple cider vinegar is fermented.


Art's Gut Microbiome Article

Clare (US) on 07/30/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Hello Art,

It would be helpful to know how much B-12, how many pistachios, etc, you are taking each day. There are plenty of us out there who want to experiment right along with you! I?ve been gut sick for decades.



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Re: Art's New Article on Gut Microbiome

Madelyn (Boise, Idaho) on 07/30/2021
5 out of 5 stars

An excellent, must-read article!

Thank you, Art, for writing this up and sharing.

I?ve just recently been doing some research myself on increasing resistant starches in the diet to promote a healthy microbiome and heal the gut. Green banana flour appears to be very effective at feeding probiotics and increasing their production of SCFAs. I?ve even found a couple of recipes that utilize green banana flour. Now after reading your article, I?m inspired to take action! Off to go order some green banana flour and finally start taking the melatonin powder that?s been sitting on my counter. I do eat pistachios frequently and will continue to do so! Be blessed!

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Re: Art's New Article on Gut Microbiome

Tessa (Okanagan) on 07/29/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Art -

Thank you for such an informative article on the gut microbiome (our second brain, they say).

I'm also very impressed that you are experimenting on yourself and sharing the results!

As you know, I've used your borax remedies with great success and I now take melatonin on a regular basis (still at the low-dose stage, though).

Excellent work, Art.



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Recommended Book about Gut Microbiome

Trikke (Ternat) on 07/29/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Fantastic Read about Gut Microbiome

Hi everyone, I couldn't recommend more the book of Alanna Collen, 10% Human: How Your Body's Microbes Hold the Key to Health and Happiness Paperback ? Illustrated, May 10, 2016 more on this subject. I learned more in one read, than I did over many, many years of putting pieces of the puzzle together.

or Amazon:

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DO NOT MISS Art's New Article on Gut Microbiome!

Earth Clinic on 07/29/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Many thanks to Art from CA for once again sharing his incredible research and experimentation with us in this new article on Earth Clinic.

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Fermented Foods (Kefir, Sauerkrat, and fermented pickles) for High Blood Pressure

Jon V. (Austin, Texas) on 07/29/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Hey Everyone,

I have a story of extreme High Blood Pressure (over 200) and how I corrected it within 15 days, returning it to a good healthy range of 117/73. If you find yourself in a situation where you suddenly have high blood pressure where you had never before I suggest you look for outside influences that might have caused the situation. Let me tell you my story and let you draw your own conclusions.

I am a 53 year old healthy male. I do not take any medications and am proactive with my health. I believe that nutrition (from whole food sources not vitamins from bottles which a very high number on the market are of a synthetic nature and just don't work) is the key to good health. When a problem occurs with my health the first thing I do is sign onto Earthclinic and look for solutions based on a whole foods approach. By whole foods I mean as close to grown from the earth as possible. This means herbs, roots, food based vitamins/minerals, spices, vegetables, wheatgrass, (and so many more) and products made from these).

So last year I had some dental problems which necessitated numerous rounds of antibiotics - 3 rounds of amoxicillin and one round of penicillin over the course of a year. I had a recurring infection in a front tooth. I did not want a root canal instead I opted for an implant and was using the year to save up for the procedure. I foolishly thought that antibiotics could handle any flare ups until I could get the procedure done.

When I went into the specialist to get the implant he checked my blood pressure as he would have to put me under to do the implant. At that moment he bluntly told me that he would not do the implant and that I needed to see my doctor immediately. If I did not, I could suffer a heart attack or stroke at any moment. He went on to say my blood pressure was over 200, well in the danger zone. He refused to do the implant until I was on medication and my blood pressure was in the normal range.

I left the dentist office in shock. I had never had high blood pressure. As soon as I got home I got on Earthclinic looking for help. I found a post on how one cup of Kefir (fermented yogurt drink) every day could help lower your high blood pressure and that a compromised gut biome from taking too many antibiotics could cause a wide range of health issues one being high blood pressure.

By gut biome I mean the healthy microbes and bacteria in your gut that helps you break down food and assimilate it for the body's health. At this point I was willing to try anything. I did not want to go on any medication. I decided I would do a test to see if kefir and fermented food in general would work in lowering my blood pressure. I purchased an inexpensive blood pressure monitoring cuff from Amazon for around $25 and headed to Walmart to purchase some kefir (in the refrigerated yogurt section) and a health food market to get some fermented Sauerkraut and fermented pickles (because they are fermented - I.e. live foods - fermented sauerkraut and pickles must be refrigerated. You'll find them in the refrigerator section of a health store where they sell pickles).

I figured the more fermented food the better. I would drink one cup of kefir in the morning, eat 1/2 cup sauerkraut at lunch and dinner (twice a day), eat 1-2 pickles for snacks, and drink one ounce of the fermented sauerkraut and/or fermented pickle juice a day (fermented juice is loaded with probiotics). One word about sauerkraut, I am not a fan of many of the brands on the market except one - I'm not sure I can say the name on earthclinic but it is one word, begins with B, and is seven letters. I found this brand to be very tasty. They also make the fermented pickles, just as tasty).

The experiment was simple. I would consume the fermented foods in the proscribed manner mentioned above and check my blood pressure every morning before any food or coffee. I didn't notice any change in my blood pressure until around the 5th day. That day it dropped two points. and from there it rapidly dropped. After 15 days my blood pressure was 117/72 in the healthy good range.

I continued with the routine for another two weeks then weaned myself off the kefir. I still eat one 1/2 cup of sauerkraut or one pickle or drink one ounce of fermented juice a day as a good health routine. It has been a year since doing this and I feel so much better. I find I sleep better, have less stress, less depression, and a higher overall sense of well-being. I just had a full doctor's checkup with full blood work and everything came back excellent.

The doctor gave me a clean bill of health. So get out there and try fermented foods - they do work.

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