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Betaine HcL, Probiotics for Bloating

Ksafan (Riyadh Central Province) on 02/17/2021
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If you are bloated; means you are not digesting the food in time, indigestion causes gas to accumulate. This will lead to gas to go up the esophagus and cause problems. Usually when having indigestion is a sign of low stomach acid. Taking betaine-hcl tabs and probiotics would. That is what I did. I made my own concoction smoothie. My smoothie is made up of 2 saba(bananas), moringa leaves, saluyot leaves, a little ginger, 1/4 tsp turmeric powder, 1 bottle yakult, some coco water I blend all engridients to a smoothie. 15 min before each meal I eat half a cup of smoothie.

Try this it worked for me. This will heal your gut. You'll see the result after a few days. Also avoid fried and fatty foods. No need to take any meds. Try it. Good luck.

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Vitamin C for Severe Bloating

Dreamseeker (Miami, Fl) on 06/24/2017
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Hello, I have very large fibroids for years now. Like clockwork I would get severe bloating right before my cycle. So severe that I could look anywhere from 3-6 months pregnant. If lucky the bloating would go away as soon as my cycle started. This severe bloating was absolutely depressing. My stomach felt hard & uncomfortable...I couldn't fit my clothes and had to go through all types of measures in an attempt to hide my mid-section. People would routinely ask me if I was pregnant which was also depressing because I wasn't. I felt insecure, ugly & untouchable. I wasn't sure what to do about it (the bloating) while still battling what I could do to get rid of my fibroids without surgery. I tried different things that didn't work for the bloating including ACV (pills & in water). Diuretic pills worked great but they were expensive (I'm frugal) and served only the purpose of helping with bloat.

Anyhow in seeking a solution to reduce my fibroids I recently started taking Vitamin C. I now take between 1000-6000mg of Vitamin C EVERYDAY and it has completely prevented premenstrual bloat. I take 1 Vitamin C pill (1000mg) with a bottle of water a few times a day. If I have 500mg Vitamin C pills, I take a few at a time a few times a day.

Vitamin C also from everything I have researched is great for your skin & liver so overall it is a worthwhile endeavor. I highly recommend adding daily Vitamin C as a way to fend off bloating issues. I don't like the chewables and haven't experienced any drawbacks from taking Vitamin C in large doses. Some research also recommends high dose daily Vitamin C for general health purposes. It is also recommended to space out the dosages throughout the day for better absorption. I still drink orange juice regularly also.

I hope this info helps others:)

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Check for Low Stomach Acid With Fluid Retention

A.C. (Las Vegas, Nevada) on 04/09/2017

For Fluid Retention: Get a stomach acid test. Most people suffer from leaky gut and low stomach acid production and don't even know it. Causes things like Diabetes and a myriad of other problems. If your body does not make enough acid it has a hard time breaking down proteins, and does not signal to the pancreas to release enzymes etc... Lots of things to consider here
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Apple Cider Vinegar for Bloating and Constipation

Tami (Slc, Ut) on 11/01/2016
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I have suffered with chronic bloating, excessive belching and gas, abdominal cramping (ranging from annoying to intense pain), inflammation, water retention, fogging brain, bad breath, heartburn, diarrhea, constipation, swollen belly, etc) for 13-14 yrs. I have had about $20,000 of medical tests performed to find the problem, ending in no diagnosis. The gastroenterology best guess was either SIBO or inadequate peristaltic movements in the intestines. We got rid of the diarrhea with VSL3 probiotic but then I started tending towards constipation. I have also investigated numerous natural remedy supplements and diets (GAPS, fodmaps), costing me thousands of dollars. All to no avail. There were two things that helped somewhat. Homemade kefir and raw MSM. The kefir reduced my symptoms and the MSM reduced the level of discomfort due to reduced inflammation.

And then I tried organic Apple Cider Vinegar. 1 TBPS, 1 cup hot water, 1 TBPS honey every morning. I have been doing this for about 7 weeks and this is all I have for breakfast. I will then eat a snack about 10 am. I am absolutely blown away with how much better I feel. I'm not constipated any more and all my bloating symptoms are gone with the exception of 2-3 days associated with my period. After I drink it my stomach feels warm and comfortable and I no longer look like I'm 6 months pregnant half the time. Who would have thought that a product that is so affordable and easy to implement would have such an effect.

@Jayadurga (post from 2008) No, I have not had any depression. However, I have noticed more arthritis pain. I don't know if there is a connection because I know someone who is taking ACV to relieve arthritis pain.

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Sipping Water Cured Bloating and Excessive Saliva Production

Kasra (Terhan, Iran) on 10/22/2015
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Remedy for Foamy Saliva, Excessive Saliva Production, Bloating

Saliva is foamy because there are many air bubbles in it , and air bubbles are result of dehydration , when you're dehydrated your salivary glands can't make saliva properly, so because of lack of water there are much air bubbles in it ..

Your body produce saliva to help digesting the food, when your stomach can't digest the food, body produce saliva ( ofcourse it is not the only reason of saliva excretion , but this is one of many ) to help your upset stomach ..

My history:

I'm suffering from esophagitis caused by gerd and duodenitis .. Even drinking water itself made me feel bloated ..

How I stopped saliva production:

As I even wasn't able to drink water without getting sick , I used to put a glass of water beside me, and sipping on it every once in awhile , specially right after I felt bloated or burp painfully, just after some days I got better, no more foamy saliva in my mouth and saliva production completely went away and I never felt bloated that bad again, and everytime felt a bit bloated, just sipped on water and everything came back to normal so fast cause now I know what my body is trying to tell me ..

Hope it helps somebody cause this situation really hurts and interferes with life activities ..

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Dietary Changes For Gas and Bloating

Hoppimike (Kent, England) on 06/05/2015
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I reduced my previously very bad gas and bloating to almost nil by switching to a diet that separated my intake of fibre and carbohydrate. This is because (I theorise) fibre pulls the carbs down to the colon, where it feeds whatever imbalance is down there (I suspect Candidiasis or some kind of infection).

So, every morning I have olives. I do this because they have fibre but zero carbs. I have a fair few, enough to keep my system moving.

Then, during the rest of the day, I have zero fibre. I eat fish, meat, zero fibre sweets, lactose-free dairy sometimes, stuff like that. Limited, yes, but at least it works!

The results is little to no gas, more energy, etc.

In the long run, I want to actually FIX the problem in my colon, but at least this is helping!

Best of luck! :)
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Probiotics Stopped Bloating

Watcher248 (Canada) on 03/05/2015
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Had issues with bloating, (Age 60+) Always felt like... all I needed was a good burp.... after I ate but I could not get a natural one out.... until the probiotics ...It was very painful, it was so bad, I thought it might be a heart attack...upper chest pressure felt like I was going to explode, first thing Doctor wanted to do was to rip out my gallbladder, no test no alternative fixes to try, except just rip out the gallbladder. Healer my ass, anyways this went on for years, just ran across a thought and tried it, Probiotic [email protected] 25 billion to start it seems to have stopped it right in its tracks, need to keep myself well hydrated especially before meals, 8oz or more of reverse osmosis water, I cant bring myself to drink municipal tap water. Anyways if you have stomach problems and baking soda re-leaves it only temporarily, check it out, its so nice to be able to eat (within limits) what we have been led to believe... is normal food again.

Also related to this or not, my contact dermatitis is due to an allergy of the Hair Dye my wife was using (unceasing severe burning and weeping eyes) for some 3 or 4 years, prednazone was used to bring this under control but would always come back. Avoid this poison at all cost.

Just a thought is all........


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Suggestions for Bloating

Anonymous (USA) on 11/25/2013

Eating large meals can put stress on the liver and cause bloating, eat smaller lighter meals. Get more vitamin A, like in carrot juice and parsley.

Don't eat wheat, milk or sugar.

Coffee is a diuretic, but if you use it too much it can cause bloating because it causes your body to want to retain salt. It is also said to suppress the body's healing process and to leach minerals from bones and create an overly acidic body. It can raise your blood pressure to the extent that the tiny blood vessels in your eyes and kidneys can be damaged. It also impairs memory because it puts your body in the "fight or flight" mode - a type of "overdrive" which naturally changes how you remember things.

Don't take aspirin, especially with coffee on an empty stomach. It can cause ulcers in the stomach. If you dissolve the aspirin in water and drink it it is less likely to cause an ulcer.

Take kelp powder, spirulina, hemp seed powder, eat fresh parsley, fresh broccoli. Eat raw cucumbers, squash and pumpkin. Try raw eggs if you're brave, whole milk cottage cheese, 1/2 tsp. turmeric powder and 1/2 tsp. ginger powder in hot milk. Hot milk with 1/2 tsp. cumin powder.

If you have bloating from leaky gut avoid scratchy foods like popcorn, crushed black pepper granules, strawberries (seeds), whole wheat bread. Don't take crushed flax seed.

Azithromiacin or another antibiotic may help if the bloating is from an infection.

Fennel seed tea, fresh apples help settle digestion.

Hawthorn and hibiscus may help, too.

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Baking Soda for Bloating Issues and More!

Samantha (Abbotsford, Bc, Canada) on 04/14/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Baking soda has been a HUGE help to my bloating issues. I've had IBS for many years now and have tried all sorts of things. Baking soda makes the most impact. It's important to take it on an empty stomach, 4 hours after a meal or 1 hour before. I started with the standard protocol of 1/2 a tsp in 1/2 a cup of warm water (warm to make sure it's fully dissolved). You can take this dose up to 6 times a day, 2 hours apart. I've never done that much but use as needed.

I now take 1 tsp in 1 cup of warm water before bed and the burping helps to release all the stomach pressure that can't get out which really helps me sleep better. Also, as a side benefit, it helps me sleep solid through the night. I went off of the valiarian root I was taking for sleep because the baking soda was doing such a great job. I sometimes take a dose in the morning as well to help with alkininity.

As a side note, it's also been helping me get rid of parasites, deal with acidity issues, and inflammation (it really soothes my brain and other irritated body parts). Oh I forgot! It also soothes bladder pain; I haven't had it anymore so I totally forgot about that. It's a fantastic remedy for many things. Hope this helps someone like it did for me! :)

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Can Worms Cause Bloating?

Heavenlychoirs88 (London) on 02/05/2013

Could worms only be causing my bloating?

Hi, I have soft yellow stools, massive bloating every time I eat and gas. I have tried many cures which have done not very much - clarkia I shed some white bits in my stools for a few days but then I stopped it and went onto H2O2, Diatomaceous earth did nothing, mms gave me severe cramping so I discontinued it and am now on H2o2. What I would like to know is could the worms I found in my stool - 2 different types - one a roundworm and other other unidentifiable (and I did a metametrix test which came up with pin worm but no others). So could the worms in my stool really be giving me this 10 months pregnant bloating after I eat something or could it be something else? Hope you can help. I am desperate.


Nadine (Muskoka, Ontario Canada) on 05/03/2012
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Hi, an advocate for simplicity, I always have Apple Cider Vinegar?in my fridge. I just started on chia seeds. after several days=water retention huge... Downed several teaspoons?of ACV with immediate results of its removal.
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Avoid Grains, Potatoes to Prevent Fluid Retention

Gloria (Brentwood, Ny, Usa) on 05/25/2011
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I have suffered of water retention all my life and no doctor could help me. Finally after reading a lot of books and doing trial and error with my body I'm at peace with my body. I even become a hypnotherapist trying to get some answers and I did.

My answer to inflammation, swelling, bloating, etc is to give up all the white stuff: everything made with wheat, potatos (big culprit), rice, excess sugar or replacements and grains as a whole. I know for some people it's not easy but at the same time it's easier than it seems. I increased proteins (chicken, fish, beef) consumption and vegetables and fruits. The more protein the less cravings yo have.

Do you see animals eating grains in the wild? Maybe I am wrong, but animals in nature eat each other or they eat plants, leaves, fruits, seeds and other animal's eggs.

Grains are hard to digest, we need to take out the bran in order to eat them (as rice, oats, wheat, etc) or soak them for hours to soften them (chicken peas, beans, etc). I wonder: Is it nature trying to tell us something? Anyway, let me assure you: If you really want to improve your health forget at least about everything and I mean everything made with wheat and avoid potatos and rice at least.

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Artificial Sweeteners Cause Fluid Retention

Keith (Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England) on 12/05/2010
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My wife has been trying to diet over several years and started to suffer badly with fluid retention. I had read somewhere that artificial sweetners can cause this and we know that many of her medications for diabeties and cronic back problems also cause weight gain, so we had to try something to help her. My wife stopped using anything with artificial sweetners in it and low and behold over the next two weeks the amount of fluid retention decreased by 50% and is still on the decrease. I hope that this will help some people suffering from the same problems.

B3 for Swollen Knuckles

Pam (Marlborough, Ct.) on 10/12/2010
4 out of 5 stars

I just wanted to thank the people that got back to me on this, as I have started taking 250mg timed released B3 last week and my hands are 50% improved, I can't believe this myself but it is the only change I have made, I am also starting to take Tumeric and boron today. Just one more question about the B3 do you think I should increase the dose or stay where I am. Thanks to this wonderful place, I can't believe how much better I am feeling. I still take pain pills but not as often. Any reply would be appreciated.

Cabbage Drink for Acidity and Bloating

Eva (Mt. Laurel, Nj) on 07/19/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Try to blend a cup of cabbage with some water and drink it 3 times a day. Good for acidity and bloating pain.

Garlic for Bloating and Fluid Retention

Faithinhealing (Forest Park, Ohio) on 04/29/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I wanted to say YEA for using garlic for bloating and fluid retention. I actually started garlic because I have gallstones and was trying to fight an infection that I knew I had, although lab results said my urine was clear. I took three cloves of garlic crushed up in some yogurt before bed. I have insomnia really bad and was up urinating most of the night.

I also suffer from extreme mood swings and I noticed that I felt lighter the next day in mood and in weight. I got on the scale and my weight was down from 206 the previous day to 199. I have lost 7 pounds of water weight over night!

In my quest to get rid of the infection that seems to be wreaking havoc on my body, I'm still taking three cloves of garlic at night. This is my second week and hopefully the garlic will kill the infection.
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Dietary Changes, Enzymes for Bloating

Rebekah (Athens, Ga) on 10/01/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I have had a terrible problem with bloating for at least a year now. Feeling terrible after every meal, looking like I always had a huge pot belly and I am a small person so this was very disturbing for me. My remedy is extreme, but my results have been AMAZING.

I cut out from my diet all sugar (including fruit), all dairy except butter, all gluten (like wheat and rice), all alcohol, and all beans. I use the proper food combining technique which I'm sure is easy available on the web (never eat protein and starch together in a meal). I now eat fresh and cooked vegies, organic meats, and non-glutenous grains as my diet. I think it helps to cut out nuts also, but I do eat sunflower seeds as a snack and drink kefir. I am also taking a probiotic formula twice a day, and with each meal I take a digestive enzyme supplement that has I think 8 different types of enzymes.

Let me tell you, in two weeks my belly is flat as a board and it looks like I have been working out! I definitely haven't been working out, but I am soooo happy that the bloat is gone and all the agony of leaving sugar and alcohol behind has been worth it. My allergies have also gone away. I drink a tiny amount of coffee in the morning with no sweetener.
I'm sure that this regime is not for everyone since it is incredibly difficult to maintain, but the way I feel and look now is astonishing compared to two short weeks ago.

Good luck to anyone out there who is bloating, I know from experience that it can make life hard.

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Dandelion Root for Bloating

Jeremiah (San Diego, California) on 07/13/2009
5 out of 5 stars

For fluid retention, Dandelion Root tea is quite possibly the best natural diuretic I can recommend. I know that it really made me go, which in turn made me lose a lot of water weight in my body.
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Monet (Cincinnati, Ohio) on 05/02/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Hello, I use your site all of the time and want to thank you for such useful information!

Recently, my feet started swelling along with blood pressure spiking to very high levels. I do not have high blood pressure so I could not understand what was going on. By day three I figured out I had a tooth infection that was probably starting to seep into my blood causing the swelling, blood pressure spikes, tingling in head, legs, and feet. After speaking with a dentist who felt they were unrelated and would not give me any advice on whether I should go to the ER, I decided to use garlic infused with yogurt (yogurt helps it go down easier). I took about 1 T. of crushed garlic and 1 T. of yogurt. Within 5 minutes the swelling in my feet went away and I felt my blood pressure had gone down. I took my blood pressure and it had dropped over 50 points! Obviously, the blood pressure spikes were brought on by the tooth infection, unbeknownst to the young Dentist!!!

I cook with garlic all of the time, but RAW GARLIC is terrific for blood pressure and infections!!!


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Water Rentention and Bloating - Will Acv Help?

Celeste (Narbonne, France) on 03/29/2009

Hello everyone,

I am amazed at all the valuable information i have found on this site.

I have a question though... For three weeks i have been on a detox, eating mainly vegies, fruits, brown rice, and also honey, olive oil, nuts, raisins, and goats yogurt. I am also drinking warm lemon water in the morning, taking a cold showering and exercising daily. Yet with all my efforts, there has been a lot of pain caused by BLOATING, at times making me look like a very pregnant woman.

I understand now that it might be caused by the sudden change in diet and all the fiber i am eating. And so i was wondering if ACV was a good remedy for me. I am nervous to swallow vinegar as i have a naturally acidic ph and am working on alkalising my body. Given this fact, shall i try baking soda instead?

I also generally suffer from intense water retention before and during my period. Shall i combine ACV and baking soda?

Thank you for your help!
It is greatly appreciated.