Dietary Changes for Colic

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Pam (Texas) on 02/26/2014:
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For infant colic, the one and only thing that works is DIET!!!! Please don't let another baby suffer through the pain and misery of colic. I had two extremely colicky babies. with the first I agonized for four whole months and went delusional (literally) due in part to lack of sleep. My second child began with symptoms at the 2 week mark and progressed to horrible cries each night. I was not going through this again. This time I tried everything!! Swaddling was the first thing I tried and it helped but she would still cry, gripe water didn't work, simethicon drops worked a little then the crying would return, chamomile tea didnt work, colic calm was a $20 joke! In desperation I went on a diet that avoided all possible irritants and allergies. And guess what? Problem solved at 7 weeks! If only I had known!!!

So here's what I avoided: all citrus for starters, all dairy not even a little cheese or yogurt, all soy, all shellfish, peanuts, beans, absolutely no broccoli or cauliflower (learned this the hard way), all caffiene esp coffee and chocolate, all wheat and all corn. It was hard to remember at firstbut I carried a list on my phone and before each meal I would go back to the list and start checking stuff out. My baby was the calmest when I avoided everything then swaddled her at night hint: get the swaddle blanket. For those that think its hard consider your baby!!! Sacrifice just 3 to 4 months of this. By the 4th month they'll start getting better and you can start eating!!! Finally for those who choose formula, try the expensive one from enfa___. It's designed for allergy sufferees. That's the one that worked best when I had no time to feed which was rare. I really hope all mothers out there consider this advice and never let another baby suffer again!!!

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Shannon (San Antonio, Tx) on 02/10/2014:
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I tried everything to cure infant colic. I didn't want to treat it. I wanted to cure it. Probiotics showed no significant improvement in my baby so I finally listened to my mother and changed my diet. Turns out I was eating all the wrong foods. I omitted all cheese, milk, yogurt, ice cream or anything wih Lacoste. Also eggs, wheat, soy, beans and cruciferous vegetables. Hard to do but it absolutely worked!!! My baby is almost 5 weeks now and the crying has decreased immensely. Also helps to keep them on a schedule.
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