Aloe Vera for Colic

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Selena (USA) on 02/19/2007:
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I have had two "colicky" babies. I swear by the use of Aloe Vera juice. My daughter cried for 4 months before I stumbled on this and it helped immensely. I kept her on it for over a year. I just added it to her bottles. Now my son is 2 months old. I put him on Aloe Vera after the first two weeks, as he started with the crying in pain, diaper rash (I call it acid burn) etc. He now sleeps through the night and is very happy. I also had him sleep in his carseat so he didn't get the acid/heartburn that occured when lying him down to sleep. The aloe vera juice also helps relieve any constipation that occurs from the formula. Be sure to strain the juice so you don't get little bits plugging up your bottles. I hope this helps out some tired, stressed moms. It was a lifesaver for my family.
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