DMSO for Chronic Renal Failure

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Sara (Chicago, Il) on 07/07/2014:
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I suffer from chronic kidney disease. I have done the merry-go-round of antibiotics and getting well for a few weeks, only to relapse worse than before. A couple of months ago, I suffered a particularly bad bout. Meds were not helping and I found my kidney function dropping rapidly. The last time I had gotten that bad led to a week stay in hospital. Literally, I was not urinating, my skin was breaking out in rashes from the toxins, and I was bloating from the water retention. I was panicked as another hospital stay could devastate my family financially.

I turned to drinking hot lemon juice every few hours and that helped, but I was still not at a level which would be considered "functioning." I had read about DMSO a few years ago on this site when looking for help with UTIs. Something just nagged and said I should go back and do more research. I did and finally bought a bottle.

I wet a cottonball with about 1 tsp of pure 99% DMSO and rubbed it on my back/side, right below the shoulderblade all the way down to above my hip bone on both my left and right side, as I wanted to get my kidneys and upper urinary tract. Once dry, I repeated it on my front, from below the breast line to above my hip. I then wiped it across my abdomen where my bladder is. Yes, it itched like mad, but it wasn't unbearable.

Within a few hours, I was urinating. I was down to 5% functioning and went up to 50%. After a few more applications, I was much higher than that.

I should note, I still have problems. I have been using the DMSO for about 6 weeks and am markedly better, but not well. However, I have suffered for years with this ailment and feel that it will take several more months of treatments for me to truly heal.

A note on the smell. I did not find it bad at all. However, since I work in an office, I purposely limit application to 2-3 times a week and I have found that works well. No comments, no strange looks--even from people sitting next to me on the commuter train. Though there are times I do get a whiff of it, usually if I'm hot and sweating. I dab on a bit of essential oil and that is enough to cover it. I should also note, someone said that wiping the area with water before applying the DMSO would help with the itching. It did make it less itchy, but only to a degree, and I found that it drastically increased the smell. So I don't do that anymore.

One thing that I could not seem to find in my research was how long you should wait until bathing after apply DMSO. It took me many days of internet browsing; only one site had the answer. You should wait at least 2 hours before showering or bathing after applying the DMSO.

Note that while using the DMSO, I am still doing other things as well. I have continued drinking the hot lemon water, as well as drinking unsweetened cranberry juice, cayenne tea, as well as baking soda in water. I have also limited my meat and caffeine intake. However, I was doing that before and it was only moderately helping. I truly believe I would be in the hospital if it weren't for the DMSO.

Another thing I found helpful has been taking detox baths. 2 cups of epsom salt in hot but tolerable water. I added a few drops of lavender oil so it smells nice. Literally, after 20 minutes, the water was turning yellowish from the uric acid leaving my skin.

Anyhow, I will try to post my progress in a few months, but I felt a strong need to share my story in the hopes it will help someone else.
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