Chronic Renal Failure

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Distilled Water for Kidney Failure

JediSleeveEye (Lethbridge, Alta. Canada) on 05/15/2022
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I would go to Distilled Water for Kidney Failure, Get him to drink a Gallon a day. No Less, and more would actually work better. Distilled Water is what must be used to perform Kidney Dialysis. Big Pharma knows this... Kidneys are clogged and have been slowly dying off for years thus failing, this is Kidney Failure. Supplementation with Borax likely wouldn't have any deleterious effects
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Re: Stage 4 Renal Failure

Earth Clinic (Los Angeles) on 11/17/2017

Apologies and a giant thank you to Art and Ian Noelle! We mistakenly posted an urgent plea for a very ill dog in the people section instead of the dog section this morning. It's been reposted in the proper pet section in case you are wondering where your post went.

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Re: DMSO for Kidney Problems

Sara (Chicago, Il) on 07/07/2014
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I suffer from chronic kidney disease. I have done the merry-go-round of antibiotics and getting well for a few weeks, only to relapse worse than before. A couple of months ago, I suffered a particularly bad bout. Meds were not helping and I found my kidney function dropping rapidly. The last time I had gotten that bad led to a week stay in hospital. Literally, I was not urinating, my skin was breaking out in rashes from the toxins, and I was bloating from the water retention. I was panicked as another hospital stay could devastate my family financially.

I turned to drinking hot lemon juice every few hours and that helped, but I was still not at a level which would be considered "functioning." I had read about DMSO a few years ago on this site when looking for help with UTIs. Something just nagged and said I should go back and do more research. I did and finally bought a bottle.

I wet a cottonball with about 1 tsp of pure 99% DMSO and rubbed it on my back/side, right below the shoulderblade all the way down to above my hip bone on both my left and right side, as I wanted to get my kidneys and upper urinary tract. Once dry, I repeated it on my front, from below the breast line to above my hip. I then wiped it across my abdomen where my bladder is. Yes, it itched like mad, but it wasn't unbearable.

Within a few hours, I was urinating. I was down to 5% functioning and went up to 50%. After a few more applications, I was much higher than that.

I should note, I still have problems. I have been using the DMSO for about 6 weeks and am markedly better, but not well. However, I have suffered for years with this ailment and feel that it will take several more months of treatments for me to truly heal.

A note on the smell. I did not find it bad at all. However, since I work in an office, I purposely limit application to 2-3 times a week and I have found that works well. No comments, no strange looks--even from people sitting next to me on the commuter train. Though there are times I do get a whiff of it, usually if I'm hot and sweating. I dab on a bit of essential oil and that is enough to cover it. I should also note, someone said that wiping the area with water before applying the DMSO would help with the itching. It did make it less itchy, but only to a degree, and I found that it drastically increased the smell. So I don't do that anymore.

One thing that I could not seem to find in my research was how long you should wait until bathing after apply DMSO. It took me many days of internet browsing; only one site had the answer. You should wait at least 2 hours before showering or bathing after applying the DMSO.

Note that while using the DMSO, I am still doing other things as well. I have continued drinking the hot lemon water, as well as drinking unsweetened cranberry juice, cayenne tea, as well as baking soda in water. I have also limited my meat and caffeine intake. However, I was doing that before and it was only moderately helping. I truly believe I would be in the hospital if it weren't for the DMSO.

Another thing I found helpful has been taking detox baths. 2 cups of epsom salt in hot but tolerable water. I added a few drops of lavender oil so it smells nice. Literally, after 20 minutes, the water was turning yellowish from the uric acid leaving my skin.

Anyhow, I will try to post my progress in a few months, but I felt a strong need to share my story in the hopes it will help someone else.
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Dietary Changes, Exercise for Chronic Renal Failure

Benkatz (Odessa, Mo) on 11/27/2013

People with Renal failure need to know that the number one thing they need to do is stop eating their normal diet and sweat. If they eat sugars, gluten-containing foods regularly, excessive protein, etc, the problem will compound. Eat raw fruits or vegetables, drink kombucha or herbal teas. Food-induced acidity and toxin absorbsion through air, mouth or skin is the reason the kidneys are failing (unless dehydration is the culprit, and in that case-real water is needed, not tap or "filtered" water). Don't forget to relieve your kidneys of toxin removal duty a bit by exercising and going to a sauna, or just finding a way to sweat.

Also, if you have mercury amalgams, realize that kidneys are unable to remove the mercury without help (garlic, cilantro, chlorella). Either get the mercury out or pull the tooth, it might put years on one's life. ACV will help eliminate any pathenogenic by-products or bacteria, etc. and the bicarbonate will help restore blood alkalinity and help kidney function. Junk food and beverages are the real problem, so stop ingesting them!

A good idea would be to stop eating, take blackstrap molasses, ACV and baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) in 1:30 intervals throughout the day. Your body will tell you which one it needs more of. If you crave it, you probably need it. For more severe cases, continue for 3+ days. Dialysis should be used when one won't give up food, but bicarbonate has been proven in studies to help kidney function, doctors probably don't care. They'd zip you up in a body bag early, literally, read about Roy Benivides, a Medal of Honor winner ( not that war should ever be supported, but it is a great illustration of the apathetical attitude taken on by some physicians).

Sodium bicarbonate does have a laxative effects, but if one's kidneys are failing, you need to be cleaned out anyway. Ph and toxin concentration are most significantly affected by the rotting animal carcasses in the bowels. We were designed to eat fruits, vegetables and herbs, forget all the high-protein hype.

Hot peppers should also help relieve water retention too, in some cases. Chilis, habaneros, cayenne, etc, should help in reducing edema as well as killing off unwanted bacteria that cause kidney infection, but this may only be the underlying problem for a minority of CKD sufferers.

Bottom line- observe your body's reactions and think logically, forget drugs and dialysis, you weren't meant to live like that. Clean out your body or machines are your only hope, because drugs kill after a while. Also, go outside and exercise. Pray to G-d, He may reveal a cure, like He did to Hezekiah.