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Curry Leaves, Garlic and Black Pepper for High Cholesterol

Malati (India) on 03/16/2024
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Curry Leaves, Garlic and Black Pepper for High Cholesterol

This is a remedy tested by many and found effective. 10 fresh, washed curry leaves, one pod of garlic and 2 peppercorns, to be crushed and had at any time, with or without food/water etc. In a month the cholesterol will come down significantly. My partner and son have both experienced its benefits and I have just started using it myself.

Curry leaves are commonly used in Indian cooking, but are now available almost everywhere in the world.

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Red Yeast Rice for High Cholesterol

KAYJAY (TEXAS) on 01/13/2024
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So three months ago, I found out I have a high total cholesterol of 229. My LDL was 165. I am 51 and I am active only as a mom and one who does pilates four days a week. I call myself a vegan slash pescatarian slash vegetarian low on the dairy though slash turkey or chicken maybe once every two week. Put it like this people were shocked when i told them i had high cholesterol. Anywho my nurse practitioner decided to have me tested for this genetic disorder. My brother actually has the genetic disorder that makes his cholesterol high so he's on statins. Well i refuse to get on that medication because i understand the side effects are not good but to each his own and no judgment here. Not at all. My nurse practitioner put me on fish oil and red rice yeast to treat my high cholesterol but check this out before being put on red rice yeast my a1c was good. It was 5.4, but after three months on red rice yeast my a1c which has never been high shot up three points 5.7. I am wondering if this red rice yeast caused my a1c to rise. I heard prescription statins do the same thing. I meet with my practitioner this week and will ask her if this is a side effect of red rice yeast. If it is i want to get off. I have already started adding more carido to my exercise routine and cut those carbs out i know are not good for me but they taste so good even if theyre organic and used with good ingredients. Okay so what are your thoughts on red rice yeast and the possibility they elevate your a1c? I have a gut feeling it has increased my a1c. Also, my three month check up my total cholesterol went down from 229 to 209. My LDL went down from 165 to 140. So it appears it is working but I also believe changing my diet and doing intermittent fasting 16:8 has helped too. I appreciate any comments and i look forward to reading them. Bye

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Diet to Improve Cholesterol Numbers

Mama to Many (TN) on 12/05/2023
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Hi there!

A few years ago, my husband had an abnormal cardiac calcium score and a less than ideal cholesterol reading. His doctor gave him the option of statins or a gluten free, vegan diet. He reluctantly chose the diet.

It worked. He lost weight and got his cholesterol down dramatically.

Over time we put fish and chicken into his diet. (Tilapia, salmon, and boneless, skinless chicken.) He also eats an occasional sweet but is very moderate about it. He uses Erythritol and oat milk in his coffee.

He had bloodwork done this week. We were thrilled that fish and chicken added to his gf plant-based diet have only improved his numbers. His good cholesterol went up a bit and the bad is in a very good range. His total cholesterol is 131.

Six months ago, we invested in a Blackstone Grill. That thing is life changing. Really. My go to meal is fish or chicken bowls. I cook the chicken or fish and an onion, sometimes a jalapeno, potato or carrots on the Blackstone, season it well with salt, pepper, and garlic, and serve it over brown or white rice. I use some olive oil on the grill. We never get tired of this meal. It also makes clean up easier and I don't make much mess in the kitchen.

My husband eats a lot of hummus on sesame crackers or raw carrots with guacamole for a snack. If he eats breakfast, its oatmeal. I make a Thai curry every weekend and we have burritos and fish tacos often; its a go-to meal when my kids and grandkids come over.

Interestingly, his hemoglobin and hematocrit numbers are at the high end of normal. Apparently, you can get plenty of iron without eating red meat or eggs. His iron level has always been high normal on a red meat diet, on a vegan diet, on his current diet. He doesn't eat much in the way of leafy greens either.

Since I have Alpha Gal and some food allergies, a mostly gf, plant-based diet with fish and chicken has been my diet for many years. Cooking got easier with his dietary changes. I fix burgers or sausage and eggs for my kids sometimes, but they do love the Blackstone bowls, too.

Anyway, this is all anecdotal, but I am sharing it in case it would help or encourage someone else!

~Mama to Many~

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Citrus Bergamot Vs Statins for High Cholesterol

Pallas (Canberra, Australia ) on 11/06/2023
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Statins versus Citrus Bergamot

Citrus Bergamot has some free text articles on Pub Med that describe effects such as

"The results are shown below, but patients who received 500 or 1,000 mg of BPF (bergamot polyphenol fraction, essentially refined bergamot oil) for 30 consecutive days saw a significant reduction in total cholesterol, LDL, triglycerides and blood glucose coupled with a significant increase in HDL levels.2 Mar 2023 "

It is from sour inedible orange mainly grown in Sicily and is fairly widely available as a supplement, even in Australia at one major

chemist chain as well as online from the usual well known big American supplement suppliers.

A number of testimonials on them have (seemingly genuine) testimonials about reductions in their levels. My open minded GP read one study on my phone when trying to put me on statins

and said, "This is rather interesting." A friend had her cholesterol levels drop markedly after she put herself on CB when her GP also wanted her on statins. He did not want to know why but conceded her latest

levels did not now warrant a statin.

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Berberine for Lowering Cholesterol

Denise E (Crescent City, CA) on 06/14/2023

Can anyone give me feedback on Berberine for high-cholesterol? I've been searching for a good brand, but more so, I would like to know if anyone has used this supplement and actually had their cholesterol lowered without using a Statin?

If Art Solbrig is around I would love to ask him about it. I will post one link to a very short video from one of my fave online doctors, Dr. Benjamin Bikman. He is big on Metabolic Syndrome/Insulin Resistance, and I have beaten T2 Diabetes just using Ketogenic nutrition. But with Keto, I get a high number on my Lipid tests and worry my doctor til I think he'll have a heart-attack because I won't take a statin. Berberine sounds good to me, but feedback is very welcome, and a brand name would be very helpful,

Thank you in advance, Denise


High Cholesterol Readings

famcoll (Nashville, TN) on 01/01/2023
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It's important to assess a determination of "high cholesterol" before you decide to do something about it. Look at the lipid panel yourself and check to make sure your HDL (good cholesterol) isn't so high that it is throwing off the total cholesterol numbers. Many years ago, the doctor told me that my total cholesterol would always look high because my HDL is so very high. That has proven over and over again to be the case. If you want to use your lipid panel to check for your risk of heart disease due to high cholesterol, enter your numbers, age, etc, at this Univ. of Wisconsin website


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Need Help for Lingering Side Effects From Red Yeast Rice

Alan M. (Atlanta, Ga.) on 10/29/2022
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Red yeast rice antidote needed

Have always had good numbers on almost all health related things. Played 4 sports and when I couldn't anymore due to an injury, I took up walking some years ago. Now at 69, still walking 4-5 miles every day, I find myself with high cholesterol and triglycerides. Most of that is genetic, but I didn't expect it as I thought I could get around it by walking.

Tried red yeast rice about 2 weeks ago and developed extreme pain in my left thigh. Of course I have stopped taking it, but in the meantime I am almost unable to sleep because of the pain, going on about 5 days now.

Once I get moving the pain fades into the background and it seems to occur when I am laying down. I guess I'll go back to ACV which fixed my acid reflux a few years ago. Does anyone have an antidote to Red Yeast Rice?


Multiple Remedies for High Cholesterol

Latte (Oregon ) on 08/19/2022
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My cholesterol skyrocketed over span of two years. My OBGYN thought it might be because I went off my hormones and put me on low dose plant based hormones Anyhow, the MD told me to get on statins and my ND told me not worry about it because it could just be family genetics. I researched and read Cholesterol Down and simply followed the steps and my cholesterol is back to the low side of the normal range.

1: Eat oatmeal daily I get gluten-free oats.
2: Cut back on eating nuts, eat it in moderation
3: Take Psyllium Fiber or buy them in capsules
4: Eat flaxseeds I sprinkle some on my oats, it's really softened my skin

5: Eat beans
6: Eat apples
7: Take Plant Sterols with your largest meal of the day I take Cholestoff Plus which has been clinically proven to lower cholesterol.
8. Add garlic to your food
10: Exercise we take a quick 30 minute walk daily

Wishing everyone good health.

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Serrapeptase for High Cholesterol

Brooklyn Baby (Brooklyn NY) on 08/15/2022
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Serrapeptase brought down my cholesterol 200 points.

I'd never heard of Serrapeptase before however, when I was researching Earth Clinic for remedies on Inflammation for Nasal Polyps I stumbled upon this gem. I purchased the Serrapeptase that was Enteric coated to survive acidic stomach conditions. I started out by taking one 80,000 capsule and slowly increased it. I am now up to 6 capsules a day which is where I think that I will stay. I started taking Serrapeptase less then a year ago and 2 weeks ago when I went for my annual physical my cholesterol levels had come down 200 points. No side effects for me whatsoever. It cleared up my sinuses and eradicated the acid reflex that I've had for the last 20 years. I know that it sounds like it's too good to be true but in this case it is definitely good as well as being absolutely true.

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Ted's Lecithin, D-Limonene Remedies for High Cholesterol

Yvonne (PA) on 04/26/2022
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I followed Ted's high cholesterol protocol (https://ted.earthclinic.com/cures/cholesterol2.html) of granulated lecithin, 1 teaspoon twice a day, mixed with lemon oil (or d-limonene) 10 drops twice a day too, as well as 1 teaspoon of glycine twice a day, green tea extract 1/8 teaspoon twice a day, and lysine 1/4 teaspoon twice a day to reduce triglycerides. I did not do borax in water 1/8 teaspoon to reduce triglycerides.

I also made oatmeal porridge with soy milk.

I got tested two months after I began the regimen and my total cholesterol decreased from 249 to 208. Triglycerides reduced from 57 to 48. (My HDL went from 106 to 81; LDL, from 134 to 118).

This is amazing! I have always had elevated cholesterol but this is the lowest it has ever been. I am ever so grateful for Ted's protocol.

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Daily Water Salad for Multiple Conditions

Science (Cyprus) on 03/22/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Treats Cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, Triglycerides, Blood pressure, Fatty Liver

Daily Water Salad


I created this curement on my own. This has amazing results. I use this daily salad for at least 12 years, usually 5 to 6 times per week, one time a day (every midday or in the morning). It my keeps all my analysis of Cholesterol, LDL Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Blood pressure, cleaned fatty liver, all in normal levels.

Speak with your doctor before using this curement. Use this curement completely on your own responsibility (earthclinic or me, have no responsibility), since this is given as a suggestion.

It works directly for lowering Cholesterol, lowering Triglycerides, lowering blood pressure, cleaning fatty liver.


1 garlic clove (2 grams about)

2-3 grams of onion

4-5 grams of celery

4-5 grams of parsley

4-5 grams of lettuce

Put this in a blender with water. Drink this juice, within 7 minutes, after you get the juice out of the blender (Do not let the juice more than 7 minutes in the glass, without drinking it, since it will weaken its power). Add some extra water after making the juice. You can use the juice in one or two glasses of water (Use two glasses of water in case the taste is difficult for you). It has rather difficult taste, but the results really worth it.

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Plant-Based Diet Dramatically Lowers Cholesterol and LDL!

Mama to Many (TN) on 01/22/2022
5 out of 5 stars

I am happy to report that 6 months on a plant-based diet has done wonders for my husband's cholesterol.

In July, my husband's doctor was concerned because his cholesterol (specifically, the "bad cholesterol") was elevated AND his calcium cardiac test revealed significant blockages in all of the main arteries in his heart. My husband has a bad heart history in his family.

His doctor said, "I can write you a prescription for statins or you can go vegan, gluten free, sugar free." The doctor said that would be the diet that could potentially reduce the plaque in his arteries.

So, my meat and potatoes husband went gf, sf, vegan. (He didn't have to give up potatoes! ) This is about how I eat anyway, due to Alpha Gal Syndrome. It was more motivating to make interesting meals for more than just myself.

Anyway, labs this week were the proof in the pudding!

In six months, his total cholesterol went from 182 to 122!

In six months, his LDL went from 121 to 65!

I am very proud of him.

We did not repeat the calcium cardiac score yet due to the significant amount of radiation exposure with that, but these numbers plus the other health benefits are motivating him to stay on this diet.

Some other things to note, which may have helped to improve his numbers -

He eats oatmeal every day for breakfast. Oatmeal is supposed to be good for cholesterol.

He eats raw baby carrots with guacamole or hummus with his lunch 5 days a week. Carrots are supposed to be good for cholesterol.

He uses a monkfruit sweetener in his coffee. He also uses oatmilk as a cream alternative.

My primary oil to use is olive oil. We also use some plant butter.

I make so many lentil recipes, his potassium is actually a tad elevated. (Lentils are a good source of potassium! )

I have made many, many recipes from a food blog - minimalist baker. They have been a lifesaver - fast recipes with not a ton of ingredients - and delicious. She even has a df, gf biscuit recipe that is amazing.

My husband's blood pressure is doing much better on this diet and he has been able to cut his blood pressure med in half and still has better readings than he did 6 months ago on the full dose! He may be able to get off this med completely.

He does eat fish and chicken and bread once in a while, mostly when we go out and he does partake in celebratory meals like weddings and holidays - he just tries to be moderate with portion sizes.

Oh, and he lost 50 pounds total without any effort beyond the effort of staying on the diet!

I am thankful for his perseverance. I want him to be around a long time. :)

~Mama to Many~

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No One Talking About Diet to Solve Cholesterol Issues

Pacific Coast Lady (Crescent City, CA) on 08/15/2021

Why don't I read anything at all about changing our diets? I'm finding amazing results with my blood sugar levels (I have type 2 Diabetes) and last hba1c was 6.2. I eat a Keto diet, high fats, low carbs (below 50) and proteins.

Now I'm changing my dairy intake to pretty much zero because my cholesterol shot up to 389. I've read many times it is most important to divide your Triglyceride # by your HDL #. I've also read and heard that people that are living longer have high cholesterol numbers, and those that die earlier have low LDL numbers (low total cholesterol numbers).

I'm nervous about information being true, or untrue, so I am going for lowering my intake of dairy products. I have to tell you though, long (back to my 20s and I'm 68 now) I did not do dairy! I just didn't care for any dairy products! But I'm going to try anyway. I eat mostly lean meats but add some olive oil, lots of veggies, low amounts of carbs and only safe carbs (so I've read) like berries (strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and I gotta have a few blueberries).

I can't remember why but I was scared off from Lecithin when I used it for a couple of weeks. I first ordered the wrong thing, then bought what was supposedly the right thing but something was going on that made me think it was the lecithin. I know I need to keep better track of these things. Input welcome, I just think we should talk more about our basic diets before piling on the ACV, Lecithin, or any other fix.

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Oatmeal to Lower Cholesterol - a Winner!

Mama to Many (TN) on 07/20/2021
5 out of 5 stars

In 2019 our family doctor was concerned about my husband's cholesterol. He is not quick to recommend statins and suggested he try fish oil and COQ10.

My husband was very faithful in taking these supplements for a year. He made no other changes to diet, supplements, exercise, etc.

A year later (January 2020) his cholesterol was higher and his LDL was worse! Hmmphh.

So we dropped those supplements. No use taking them or wasting money on them anymore.

I suggested oatmeal. Like, oatmeal for breakfast EVERY day. I eat a lot of oatmeal and my cholesterol has always been on the lower side. And some studies seem to show that oat lowers cholesterol. He was game.

So every morning for the last six months, (at least 13 out of 14 mornings), he and I have had a bowl of oatmeal together. He made no other dietary changes or changes in exercise or supplements.

Sometimes I make steel cut oats in the instant pot with dried cranberries and coconut flakes. Sometimes I made quick oats on the stovetop and add fresh fruit like oatmeal or peaches. I add a little salt and maple syrup. I put a little butter in his and a little plant butter in mine.

Six months and about 175 bowls of oatmeal later, he had labs done again.

His total cholesterol dropped from 198 to 182. (An 8% drop! )

His LDL went from 140 to 121. (Still higher than desired but a 13% drop! )

His LDL/HDL ratio is back in the "normal" range.

We will continue our breakfast for oatmeal routine. Perhaps over time there will be more improvement. I will let you know!

~Mama to Many~

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Apple Pectin, Green Tea for Cholesterol Issues

Ria (Nevada) on 04/03/2021
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Apple Pectin For Cholesterol Reduction, Green Tea For Triglycerides

My cholesterol was around 263 when my specialist freaked out about it.

I did research and read about apple pectin, which is a soluble fiber.

I took one capsule of 750 mg for four to six months on an empty stomach in the afternoons with a large glass of water.

Six months later, my cholesterol was down significantly, and my doctor was rather surprised. The only reason I didn't take more was that my stomach is delicate and I've had problems with other supplements before.

Now I'm down to 224 and my new doctor freaked out about it. I went back to apple pectin again, and we're re-testing in six months.

My triglycerides were consistently in the high 100s and I heard at a health seminar that green tea reduces them.

I started to drink 2 cups of green tea decaf most days (can't do caffeine) and the last two times my triglycerides were 84 and 85.

They have never been so low. Keep in mind that psyllium is also a soluble fiber and any powdered supplement you can buy in the stores that contain it will do the same thing. I prefer the capsules because I can't stomach the sweet flavor of the powders. Good luck, people!

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Re: High Cholesterol

Lily (Kelowna, Bc Canada) on 02/14/2021
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2 Suggestions for high cholesterol : Sunflower Lecithin ( any good health food store)

Niacin, do some research, Dr.s know about niacin but prefer to write scripts .

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Margie S. (United States) on 08/27/2019
5 out of 5 stars

A coworker of mine introduced me to Nutritionfacts.org. There is an article called Four Nuts Once a Month by Dr. Greger. I started eating 1 Brazil nut every day (even though the article said you would get the same results eating 4 nuts a month).

My results are as follows: I went from 224 down to 204 down to 136. I get mine already shelled at Trader Joes. They will always be a daily staple of mine. Brazil nuts are high in selenium.

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Carla W. (Walnut Creek) on 08/04/2019
5 out of 5 stars

Quantifiable evidence of the effectiveness of apple cider vinegar for improving lipid panel plus dissolving calcium deposits.

I am prone to making calcium deposits on arteries and organs.

On 10/13/17 I had a lipid panel done with borderline results. I also had a stuck bile stone, causing misery and moving towards surgery. I did not change my diet, which is reasonably health conscious but added a daily dose of 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar mixed with apple cider to make is deliciously palatable.

In six weeks, in the middle of Qigong class while doing a gentle abdominable exercise, the stone released... dramatically and with great relief. Took my lipid panel again in 3 months with dramatic results, and again six weeks later with a different lab, just to be sure. And one and a half years later after a 6 month total diet derailment due to stress circumstances of a critically ill husband unable to assimilate food, and I undermined myself by eating his food to not waste it.

Here are the numbers. 10/13/17 chol-252, hdl -61, ldl 167,,tri -120 1/8/18 chol-61, hdl 58, ldl-109, tri-89 2-24-18 Chol- 189, hel-71, ldl-100 tri-91, and the backslide: 7/26/19 chol-228, hdl-60, ldl-140, tri-140.

Since that eyeopening setback I am back on track with my daily ACV cocktail. Will test in a separate lab in a couple of months. But this is measured incredible result and setback... Have not been able to get any attention from anyone in the medical profession other that being blown off. I am a believer of ACV. It's inexpensive, accessible and a true threat to the pharmaceutical industry.

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Art (California) on 05/28/2020
5 out of 5 stars

A popular search is for remedies that can lower high cholesterol.

Diatomaceous Earth is very effective at lowering high cholesterol. Even at lower dosing, but a tablespoon per day dosing is quite effective and fairly fast. This allows you to completely avoid the statins which are well established to create new health problems.

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Ria (Las Vegas) on 01/22/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Try apple pectin. One to three times daily 1/2 hour before food on empty stomach with lots of water. I did this years ago and it brought it down very well. Doing this on an ongoing basis is a lot better than statins.