Ted's Remedies for Blood Poisoning

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Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 11/10/2011:
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Posted by Jackie (Knysna) on 11/10/2011:

Ted, please help... my friend literally has hours to live. She has septicemia/blood poisoning and is in a coma. She has suffered lupus for 15 years. Please give your advice urgently.... can I give her DMSO and how much? This is a last effort and I know it it is a long shot. PLEASE HELP.

Get clove oil spray 5% the other 95% is alcohol, or similar. Spray the body with this, legs etc. Give colloidal silver 1 teaspoon every hour. Give hydrogen peroxide 3% one cap to two capful of per liter of water, and give 1/2 glass every hour. After 6th dose most of septicemia will be under control.

You can give any hydrogen peroxide 3% in this dire emergency, such as pharmacy grade. Aspirin is usually good choice also it digests these septicemia.

If fever does not reduce by 3 hours, I will be forced to give 500 mg of aspirin every hour for 4 hours. It works like antibiotics by digestion. The other is lysine every hour for four hours also. These can be given at the same time. So one can do all of it -- h2o2, aspirin, lysine, and clove -- if you want.


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