Plantain for Blisters

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Marcy (Californina) on 08/20/2018:
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The first time my son walked to high school about 2.5 miles from home both of his feet had blisters the size of quarters. (His feet were soft from laying around all summer ;)) I had him soak his feet in epsom salts for a couple of nights and then applied a salve I made from plantain and had him sleep with white bootie socks on. The results were amazing! The next morning he got up and said that he didn't feel any pain in his feet.
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Mama To Many (Tn) on 05/18/2018:
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One of my sons had what he thought was a touch of poison ivy on the sole of his foot.

It was finally just one bubble/blister. The blister wore off and he had an open spot on his foot that was painful; and he is on his feet a lot during the day.

I took a fresh plantain leaf and bruised it heartily with a rolling pin. I then folded it and applied it to his foot with a fabric bandage. (I get these fabric bandages at the Dollar General that stick so nicely and breathe well too. And they are not more expensive than plastic bandaids, which I do not like at all! )

I did this for a couple of mornings for him and he was comfortable all day and it healed up nicely.

If you are ever hiking and get a blister on your foot and are able to locate a plantain leaf, bruise the leave and apply it to the blister to get pain relief and help it to begin healing - all the while still hiking!

~Mama to Many~

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