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Curaderm Helping BCC on Nose

Annette (Durban, South Africa) on 04/15/2023
5 out of 5 stars

CURADERM for Basal Cell Carcinoma on nose

Diagnosed with BCC by dermatologist. Booked in for plastic surgery to remove the skin from the ear to do a graft.

I purchased CURADERM. It ate away all the CA & started healing quickly. By Day 40 it was only half the size it had been. Amazing! Then healing of skin appeared to slow down/stop. How do I speed up healing process? Do I only apply once a day? I am 73.

Can one treat sunspots ( as diagnosed by Derm ) with Curaderm?

EC: Great info on this page:

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Hydrogen Peroxide for Skin Cancer

Bill (Freiburg Germany) on 03/29/2023
4 out of 5 stars

I have a few small areas of skin cancer on my forehead and ear, which were removed because they were cancerous. I removed one using blood-root, but it was painful and unsightly because of the color of bloodroot, but it never came back. The ones the doctor 'dug out' are coming back. The one on my ear is crusty and itchy. I've started to put 1 drop of 12% food grade H2O2 on each spot 1-2x a day. It burns + hurts about 20 minutes and then it's okay. Does anyone have other suggestions?

Apple Cider Vinegar/Eggplant + for Skin Cancer

jobie (Cottage Grove, MN) on 03/21/2023
5 out of 5 stars

Hydrogen peroxide, slather it on until the cancer rises to the surface and looks irritated. Then use a mixture of eggplant/vinegar on the area. There are recipes for this mixture on here, basically, chop up the eggplant, put in a large jar and fill with acv. The mixture can be used after 3 days. Strain off the liquid to use and discard the eggplant. This will also be irritating and more cancer may surface in the area. I don't believe the cancer is spreading, rather it is bringing to the surface what was already there. The skin may turn red, scab over, and cause inflammation which is temporary. After this I use bitter almond oil in very small amounts, (and never to be used internally) on the cancer spots. This soothes the skin and keeps the cancer from further spreading. Do this once a day. It will also help prevent any scarring.
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Apple Cider Vinegar for BCC

nole (merced, ca) on 02/06/2023
5 out of 5 stars

First off, I was never officially diagnosed with BCC, so I'm not 100% sure this is what I'm treating, but from all the pictures and descriptions I've studied online, it appears so. Very confident in the Apple Cider Vinegar, you can also use white distilled vinegar, but I suspect it may be weaker.

I am about 3 weeks into my treatment and the scabs have still not healed, but I am finally feeling better today after 2 weeks of feeling kinda ill. I started applying Hydrogen Peroxide to the suspected area and it seemed like it was working slowly, so I decided to try the Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) method, and it works much faster imo. From my experience you have to hit each area with a cotton pad soaked in ACV for 1 - 1.5 hours per session. It will sting, but that means it's working, I believe. The easiest way is to shave your head bald, this way you can see if you have any other spots. But some spots are invisible, so take a wash rag and soak it in the ACV. Cover your bald head with the rag and apply pressure evenly over scalp. After soaking your scalp 5-10 minutes you will see white spots appear where you need to focus on, so take note of these areas. It wasnt until after treating my first spot that I discovered a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th spot because the vinegar had leaked down and help expose those spots. Now soak each area 1 - 1.5 hours daily for 3-5 days. You will have to power thru the stinging, but that means it is working. When they turn dark brown/black is when you know it is working. You can stop and let them heal a while, but you will probably need to hit them again after a couple - few weeks of healing.

Things that will make it WORSE: Poor diet = sugar, corn syrup, processed foods, carbs, flour, saturated fats (unhealthy meats) STAY AWAY FROM THESE THINGS. I would also stay away from alcohol, cigarettes and any other bad habits for the time being.

Things that will help - Vitamin C, Hot Baths, Good Foods = organic Cruciferous veggies & leafy Greens. walnuts, Almonds, Lemons, Wild Fish(Salmon)

My diet is basically Vegetables, Almonds, Walnuts, Lemon Juice, Lemon rhinds, green tea & distilled water. I had a fruit smoothie today, and it didnt make me feel bad for once. Stay away from breads carbs & sweets and coffee, as coffee lowers Vitamin C levels.. Fruit may be borderline as it contains sugars. Don't buy vitamin C from store (its not real vitamin C), save your citrus peels dry them using only the light bulb from inside your oven (this will dry them out but not be hot as Heat destroys Vitamin C), and grind them up using a food processor to make REAL vitamin C capsules.

Vitamin D? This is the controversial part as some people say you need it, some people say the Vitamin D capsules you buy from store are rat poison. Get your Vitamin D from sunlight? Did the sunlight cause the BCC? So I don't know, it could be some other environmental toxin or possibly Alcohol related that causes BCC.

Today is day 21 of my "treatment" and I have a lymph node that is swollen. Not sure if this is a result of the treatment or something else, but hot showers seem to make swelling go down. I jog 2 miles every morning as exercise gets the lymph juices circulating. I ate a hamburger the other night and felt like crap the next day. Not sure if it was from the meal or just that my body is fighting infection, but I've been eating better since, and I am feeling much better today.

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Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda and Coconut Oil for BCC

Spice girl (Nelson) on 02/04/2023
5 out of 5 stars

Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda and Coconut Oil:

Have used the described protocol several times now on small BCCs, for 7 days of treatment. It's worked each time.

To reduce the pain, try earthing:

  • Attach an earthing pad to the skin near the treatment area. or put the treated body part on an earthing pad.
    For earthing equipment and how to earth:
  • Make sure that the contact of your skin with the earthing pad is firm.
    E.g. when treating your left shin, lie on your left side with the left leg on the earthing pad and put your right leg onto your left leg for extra weight (the weight of the left leg on the earthing pad by itself wasn't enough for me to take the pain away).

I discovered this by chance. It's cut down half an hour of intense sting from ACV to just 5 minutes, and helped me with the baking soda and H2O2 treatments, too.

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Curaderm for BCC

Jackson (Midwest) on 10/27/2022
5 out of 5 stars

I used Curaderm for basal cell carcinoma, rather than have it surgically removed. That was over a year ago, and I've had 2 check-ups since with dermatologist and am all clear.
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Curaderm for BCC

Fairlie (ON) on 10/27/2022
5 out of 5 stars

My husband and I have used Curaderm BEC 5 for several basal cancers with great success.
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H2O2, Oil of Oregano, Clotrimazole for Basal Cell Carcinoma

ChurpyBurd (Malaga, Spain) on 10/05/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Well it's been an excruciating and disfiguring but ultimately victorious four months for me.

It started with an itchy red bump at the left side of my nose - it would clear scab over but wouldn't heal. I remembered my parents had BCC and used an ointment to treat it, and so here I arrived at my go-to site looking for a symptom set and natural remedy.

I treated the bump with H2O2 quite successfully within 2 weeks, but noticed there were other itchy bumps and inflamed spots and so I dug those up with H2O2. They were bigger and deeper. And took longer to heal. My face was on fire. Sometimes the lesions would close over but I could tell from the remaining surrounding inflammation and the tenderness or sharp pain that they were not fully "excavated". I would dig in a little bit with the H2O2 and yup - still there.

After about eight weeks I had cleared areas on about 60% of my face, but the last 40% was just agony. I felt like I was chasing this thing all over my face - no sooner had I cleared a pocket than one just a centimeter away would start to inflame and itch, and a light rub with H2O2 would show a large area of abnormality.

The scabbing and peeling was, I gotta say, monstrous. I haven't had this kind of skin since my acne-infested teens.

I felt like I was missing something.

I read up on oil of oregano to see if it was effective against BCC. Yes, it is. Also coconut oil. Yup that too. I began to treat the most stubborn open lesions with oregano oil and within a week, saw improvement.

I began to reflect on what I know about H2O2, oil of oregano and coconut oil.

First of all - H2O2. If you watch any science youtube content, it talks about how it "explodes" mico-organisms. These are living things that are super-oxygenated and just go "poof" and create the foam. And I was thinking, wait a minute. The BCC cell is abnormal - but WHY is it abnormal? Sure it has sun damage. There's something wrong with its functioning. But H2O2 doesn't make a healthy cell foam. So is there something inside the BCC cell that explodes?

Then I thought about oil of oregano. It is effective against three things: viruses, bacteria and fungi. Why would it be effective against a malfunctioning skin cell? It is neither a bacteria, nor a virus nor a fungus. UNLESS one of those things is living rent free inside the cell. THEN maybe there's a reason why it might kill the cell, or the thing inside it. if it exists.

Then I looked at coconut oil. Is it a fungicide? Why yes it is. It's used as part of treatment against a candida overgrowth. Also I looked at various remedies - the ketogenic diet for instance inhibits the proliferation of candida albicans.

Then I looked at the BEHAVIOUR of this thing, and it was behaving like a plant. You know when you cut off a small outgrowth of a plant, suddenly it responds with a burst of energy and branches out in all directions from the injured part?

I started with a tiny speck on one cheek and within eight weeks my face was covered in weeping lesions, as new spots grew out next to the healed ones.

So I put 2 and 2 together and thought - OK. What if this is a kind of fungus? Some kinds of fungus only grow on bread. Others only grow on toenails. What if there's a KIND of fungus that only grows in sun-damaged skin cells? Mybe we don't know what t is, but why are antifungal treatments so effective against BCC?

So. I started to treat the remaining open lesions with over-the-counter clotrimazole. Within a week, lesions that had been open for six weeks were closed, healed over, and non-inflamed.

I began to treat the small bumps that were arising next to the healed lesions directly with clotrimazole, without opening them up with H2O2. I opened one or two just to be certain, though. Within a week, they had disappeared, but the skin that was sloughing off showed circular pit-shaped "holes" where a fungus had once existed.

So now I'm moving on to some itchy bumps under some of my sun spots on my arms and torso.

Today I had an experience where I was swimming in the sea and there are small fish that will come and nip at your skin. It's ticklish and hilarious. But one was attacking some part of my foot, really giving it a kind of "tearing" effort. I was like "Whoah little dude. What the heck do you see here?" I put my finger to the spot and it was a tiny, almost imperceptible bump. Later I sterilized the area and gave it a good rub with H2O2 and what do you know? It foamed like a champ. Made me wonder what kind of spectrum these little fish actually see. I mean, it was invisible to the eye, barely perceptible to the touch, but that little fish saw "DINNER".

ANyway, that's my story. I hope it helps someone.

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Apple Cider Vinegar for BCC

Fern (Greenwood lake, NY) on 06/10/2022
5 out of 5 stars

I had a small squamous cell skin cancer on my forearm. It was about 1 1/2 inches across and I've had it for many years. After seeing other people get Mohs surgery and the drastic results of missing skin and stitching and scarring I decided to research other methods. I came across this blog and saw that people were using Apple cider vinegar on their skin cancers.

I have been applying A C V twice a week full strength after thoroughly washing my arm to the site.

Most of the cancer is gone and in its place is a flattened red area. Only a small portion of the cancer remains. I am now applying a drop of ACV Directly to this area. I will hopefully be able to be clear of this cancer soon and will try to update the blog.

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Need Help for Eyelid BCC - Multiple Remedies Not Working

G (UK) on 05/12/2022
3 out of 5 stars

I was diagnosed last year with BCC on the right lower eyelid, it is across the waterline so touches my eyeball. The Hospital wanted to remove it, alas after questioning (because you should question everything) it appeared I was not afforded the full details of what they proposed. They lost my trust and faith rapidly and then with the scare tactics and silliness my decision was confirmed to follow my gut and remain true to my beliefs that one can heal anything naturally with the right mediums/environment and tools.

So basically this began approx 5 years ago (Dr told me initially to use baby shampoo clean my make-up correctly nothing to worry about) I know right disgraceful. In the past year, I have used, 7% of Lugol's iodine mixed with a tiny drop of castor oil - stings like hell - it managed to rid 1 nodule but the other remains, alas I did stop using the iodine because my eye was getting so sore.

Since I use daily MSM & colloidal silver mix, every eve at bathtime I smother it with bentonite clay mixed with frankincense water. I was using fullers earth. I have also been applying in the day a thick paste of aluminum free baking soda mixed with the MSM & silver solution - again stings like hell and does hurt my eye creating it to water and then all goes haywire.

I am juicing daily and having 50ml of max strength aloe vera juice. Every morning I drink a teaspoon of baking soda dissolved in a glass of filtered water. every evening I drink a tablespoon of diatomaceous earth dissolved in filtered water. I supplement with B3 (Nicotinamide), B12, D3, digestive enzymes, probiotics and NAC. I also mix in my fresh-made green veg juices with my homegrown wheatgrass - moringa, neem, spirulina and chlorella powder - (OMG it's bloody vile but I guzzle it down)

I spray transdermal magnesium on my feet every night at bedtime and I use MCT oil to moisturise my face and neck.

I was trying to take vit c - I have the powder and kept taking it to try and find my max threshold well I can get to around 15-16g per day and still have no toilet issues but my tummy keeps bloating. I am finding that I am suffering stupidly with god awful wind even I wish I could run away from myself it's that bad. I eat salads minimal meat - grass-fed steak once a weak, oily fish 3-4 times a week other than that it's vegetable juices and salad. No wheat, gluten, dairy, soy or potato. I drink plenty of filtered water and homemade herbal teas, mistletoe, cbd shake, dandelion or matcha green tea.

I am very spiritual, I am doing all I can from that aspect too.

Yet still, this ghastly thing won't be on its way. Does anyone have any ideas or has had any success with a BCC so close to the eyeball. I am so tired of trying could use a little inspiration if anyone has any, please.

Many thanks


Flush Niacin for Skin Cancers

GertJr (Madison) on 05/01/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Flush Niacin for skin cancers

I went to a dermatologist to have a weird fatty thing removed. Of course they tested it and it was benign. But, reason for this post, they always give you a going over, checking for other spots and he was amazed that I had none at my age and he mentioned sun screen. Told him I've never used it and I never burn or even get pink. Why? Because I've been taking the flush niacin for over 20 years. He said that this is a little known fact, that niacin protects from skin cancers but most people refuse to bear the flush. He also said that they are researching now about using niacin in people with aggressive skin cancers and are finding all good results. He then said that good diets are so very helpful, but most people can't be bothered. Niacin that causes flushing is a natural vitamin that we all need.

At only 500 mg/day, taken just before sleep, I hardly feel the flush anymore. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

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The Curaderm Treatment for BCC

Doc (Mayfield, Utah) on 03/15/2022
4 out of 5 stars

I started with 3 small lesions at my hairline where basal cells had previously been removed "professionally." After a few stinging weeks, I saw huge progress at those original sites, but the tentacles began erupting across my entire forehead and down the sides of my face. As I continued treatment twice a day, bleeding lesions crossed my cheeks and are now approaching my nose, where I've had two basal cells and one squamous cell removed, and my right cheek has nine lesions down to my chin, with six on the left.

I'm now at 2 1/2 months and am tired of stinging and burning (and spending more and more money on Curaderm). Apparently, I'm atoning for those sunburns, but I'm still hopeful that the result will be spectacular.

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BCC Came Back A Few Years After Using ACV

C (Connecticut) on 01/20/2022
3 out of 5 stars

Worked Temporarily

Hi All -

I've had many BCC and several SCC over the last 25 years. No longer will I do excision, toxic chemo creams or MOHS all of which were recommended by my dermatologist as they always come back. Mine have come back after using ACV too after a few years.

Here are some things I have read for thought... I have heard of people curing cancers by change of diet: no animal products (causes your body to be too acidic), no sugar or processed foods - just fruits, veg, nuts, seeds legumes, whole grains etc. Many stories of successful reversal of cancer via juicing (search Chris Wark, James Templeton) my thought is if it works for cancer why not skin cancer? Also search Ralph Cole carrots.

I have heard great things about Curaderm BEC cream but I have not tried it. James Templeton of Templeton Wellness has interviewed a doctor who has a proprietary product he uses (only available in the USA through his traveling clinics). I have also found information online (youtube videos) regarding Petty Spurge aka Radium Weed which grows wild all in the UK, Australia and am sure must be in Europe. Many people mention Rick Simpson oil - some type of oil made from marijuana. Search Dr Tullio Simoncini out of Rome Italy who uses 7% iodine and or bicarb but there is a process/procedure that you have to follow. You can have an on line appointment with him and he gives you the procedure. (I didn't do it as I cannot get the iodine.) A few days ago I discovered an author, Ewan M Cameron, who has written a book called The Skin Cancer Miracle but I have not read it yet. Another thing I have read many people say using good quality Frankincense essential oil several times a day got rid of their skin cancers.

Also there was a study done at Sydney University where people took 500mg 2 X per day of Nicotinamide (NOT Niacin! NOT Niacinamide) and many people said it kept their BCC from coming back. If your dermatologist has not told you about it and or recommended you to take it - fire him/her and get another dermatologist who honors their hippocratic oath to do no harm. They clearly just see you as a $ sign. And call him/her out on it! New research may show sun screens which are loaded with toxic chemicals may do more harm than good and that we need some sun (work your way up to 15-20 mins per day) exposure on bare skin. It seems everyone on this post seems to be having the same issues of recurrent skin cancers.

There is a solution...what works for one may not work for another but don't ever give up....keep trying and keep researching. I hope some of this helps.

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Earth Clinic and Curaderm Eggplant Topical Cream From Australia

Earth Clinic on 09/01/2021
5 out of 5 stars

We're excited to let you know that we just imported 20 tubes of Curaderm, the topical cream our readers have been raving about for more than a decade, directly from Australia to sell in our online shop! You can buy it at Earth Clinic here. We'll ship it starting tomorrow, Thursday, September 2nd.

Curaderm is used for pre-cancerous skin growths like Basal Cell Carcinoma. Read feedback about it from EC readers here. It is also used for Sunspots, Age Spots, and Hyperpigmentation.

Curaderm is incredibly expensive to import, so we're starting out carrying a small quantity. We're selling it for $144 a tube, which is the lowest price we're allowed to sell it at.

It ranks up there with Gallixa for awesomeness, even though very pricey!

EC: 09/26/22 Update:

Curaderm raised its prices in January 2022, so the online price per tube is now $198. No Curaderm Distributor, including Earth Clinic, is allowed to sell it for less than that.

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Manuka, Baking Soda, Essential Oils for Basal Cell Carcinoma

Jay (Ireland) on 06/30/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Yes I agree, prayer is key to a successful healing process. I use Manuka honey doctor, (350 strength, ) and Coconut, in Baking soda to make a paste with Frankincense, Thyme and Myrrh. I apply this on the BCC at night before bed. Daytime frequent dabbing with these oils helps retard bleeding and easily removes soft scabs. Faith and trust for me is half the battle. We are made in the image of our Creator.....our ultimate Healer.
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Hydrogen Peroxide for Skin Cancer

JM (San Diego CA) on 05/24/2021
5 out of 5 stars


Weird growths inevitably appear on all of us as we age. Cancerous or not, these growths are probably unhealthy and can be removed with HP. Soak any suspicious spot with HP a couple of times a day for about a week and moisturize with coconut oil.

Continue this process until no visible signs of the spot are apparent above or below the skin. Atypical growths with lingering roots usually reappear again later, so repeat this cycle.

Occam's razor: The simplest solution is more likely to be the case when compared to a complex one.

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Apple Cider Vinegar for BCC, Warts and Skin Patches - Need Advice

Babushka (Georgia) on 05/15/2021
0 out of 5 stars

I am a bit concerned. I used ACV before to get rid of new wart on my forehead. It scabbed up, fell off and left no scar. All within 5 days.

I found this site and thought would try it on the bcc on my thigh and then other troubling sites. I applied ACV to 2 suspected bcc on my thigh, a possible wart on the collar bone, a wart or skin tag on my hairline, and an off color dry rough flaky patch with brown on one edge on the back of my upper left arm, that I have had for at least 4 years. The latter patch is the one most troubling to me.

I used ACV for two nights and a hole filled with looked like light yellow pus with a black dot appeared. Also, around the perimeter, other things are happening which I am not sure is a reaction to band aid or tx, but my skin is red bumpy and looks bruised. The site was painful the 2nd night and going forward every time I applied tx.

On the third day, I used ACV for about 4 hours, then H2O2 3% during the day. At night I put organic coconut oil on it. This hole has not changed much. The site is looking really bad with this yellowish hole, and now black spots on one side. It is still really irritated along a 1 inch perimeter with one side red and bumpy. Yesterday, I tried only H2O2 dabbing it on rather than letting it sit under a band-aide. I alternated using coconut oil and essential oils that worked to removed suspected bcc. Last night I dabbed with H2O2 let dry and then treated it with the essential oils.

What was a 1 inch site that did not itch or hurt me has been a major problem since I started treating this and I am not sure if this is normal and how to proceed since it is so irritated on a wide area of the perimeter. It is on the back of my arm, so it is hard to even dress it now. I need some direction as to whether this is normal for the surface to change this much. An infection has been a concern, I am keeping it clean and no fever, so maybe I should not be too concerned.

Anyone who has experienced this, please advise. I did not think the site cancerous and but now am wondering what it was to have such a severe reaction. Did I burn a hole in my skin? or is this a process of healing?

FYI: I have treated most of the sites the same except for my scalp hair line. I decided to go with H2O2 dabs and then essential oils.

The bcc on my leg went flat and shiny red to a pit raised and this a.m. felt a bit raw and looked like it had broken skin on the edges, so I cleaned it with H2O2 and put essential oils on it. The collar bone is a sore site but not as big, it is now a red raised bump with a white center. Should I continue on with alternating tx and resume ACV? diluting it?

Advice welcomed, please.

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Iodine for Skin Cancer

Barney (FL) on 04/07/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I had a spot of skin cancer on the side of my face which was a strange shape and crusty. I began putting iodine on it every day. Now, the crustiness is gone and the mole is diminishing in size.
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12 Years Using Apple Cider Vinegar for Basal Cell Carcinoma

Lory (Kaneohe) on 03/31/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I have used Bragg's unpasteurized, unfiltered pure apple cider vinegar for my skin cancer for over 12 years. I had a very large spot on my forehead, I used a cotton ball, soaked in the vinegar and taped it on my cancer and slept with it on, then during the day I would continue to apply the vinegar, mine was so large that during my self treatment the roots of the cancer came to the surface, they died as well, however it was scary that the amount I had surfaced. I feel that with this type of cancer it will consistently keep emerging, therefore I continue to use the vinegar daily after my shower. Stay out of intense sun, find shade and enjoy your life without unnecessary surgery. Mahalo for reading my story.
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Broccoli for Skin Cancers

Rob (Kentucky) on 02/24/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Broccoli Poultice for Non Melanoma Skincancer

According to researchers, the key cancer-preventing compound in broccoli is sulforaphane, crucial in blocking pathways that cause cancer and in protecting tissue from chemotherapy drugs.

Sulforaphane ma be an excellent candidate for use in the treatment of skin cancer said study author Dr. J. Rozencwajg, NMD

The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine: February - May 2013 (with lots of pictures and case studies)