Turmeric for Gastritis

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Misty (San Antonio, TX) on 04/29/2021:
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Turmeric made my gastritis worse! A short while after taking 1/8 tsp, I puked up a bunch of blood and mucus. I was vomiting yellow for hours. It turns out that turmeric is a gastrointestinal irritant!

Mb (Oconomowoc, Wi) on 08/31/2017:
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Turmeric for Gastritis

I had gastritis so bad was vomiting in the mornings. Wow, amazing cure in about a week. I took Ted's advice and did 1 tsp Turmeric and one capsule of Ginger Root in Water. I only did it twice a day, supplemented with Vit C, B, and Magnesium. Love this site!!

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Daren (Trenton, Mi, Us) on 02/21/2010:
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This post is regarding the use of Turmeric and Coconut milk for the treatment of IBS/Gastritis/Indigestion and other related intestinal problems.

I suffered for nearly 3 weeks with what I believe was gastritis related to IBS and this happens to me periodically throughout the year. It happens when I eat anything tomato based or certain hot spices, along with alcohol, smoking, and lactose.

I began using coconut milk, and coconut water along with turmeric. I drank the coconut water almost constantly. It helped a lot. I began mixing 1/8 tsp (teaspoon) of turmeric with about 4-6 OZ or about 1/2 CUP of warmed organic coconut milk. But don't heat up the coconut milk much. I drank this twice a day for the first couple days and within hours I felt SO MUCH BETTER. The turmeric really helps with inflammation of the stomach lining and the coconut milk just seems to coat and sooth the intestinal tract. I highly recommend this. But it is very important to stay away from problem foods.

Additionally I used about the same mixture and added it to white rice AFTER I cooked it and this helped give me sustenance while I stayed away from problem foods.

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