Parsley Tea for Gastritis

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Kathryn (Wisconsin) on 09/18/2021:
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I have had severe gastritis for decades and had found no relief until I read online about parsley tea. Drinking parsley tea has been nothing short of miraculous for me. I drink about 6 oz. of the tea first thing in the AM on an empty stomach. On bad days I sometimes add a 2nd and 3rd glass later in the morning and in the early afternoon. The pain just melts away over about an hour or less. For me, the cause for my gastritis was from an inflamed gallbladder, which was brought on by dairy intolerance. I eliminated the dairy and slowly over about a month, my gallbladder calmed down. This, however, had no effect on years of stomach damage, but the parsley tea brought me amazing relief from the burning pain in my stomach. I would never have believed parsley could do all this if I had not experienced it myself.

You make the tea by cutting or tearing up a bunch of parsley. (Like the bunch you buy in the grocery store.) Boil the greens for 5 minutes in two quarts of water, turn off the heat and then let the tea steep for two hours. All done! It’s actually very easy to make! I store mine in (2) 32 oz. glass mason jars in the refrigerator. I hope this brings any sufferers great relief like it did for me!

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