Multiple Remedies for Gastritis

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Deborah (Lutheville, Maryland) on 12/05/2017:
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I had hplyori which turned into chronic gastritis and candidias, where the stomach lining has been eaten up. I tried all kinds of herbs ( from mastic gum to oregano oil) to heal the burning but it seem like something is still hanging on and doesn't want to let go.

Everything I eat burns and is uncomfortable. My symptoms vary each day; from constipation, weak bones and legs, ear ringing/aches, heart palpations, bloated stomach, gerds and a host of other GI issues. I'm not sure where to start to solve these problems. I been to several doctors and was given PPI medicines but with no success. It's been 4 years now without any relief.

How do I get the acid down and what protocol to follow to put my body back on the right track. I looked at other people's method but each person's body chemistry is different. How do I build my ph level and stomach lining I order to sooth the pain. I have high blood pressure and clorestrol, afraid to try baking soda. I find that my body is sensitive to milk and other foods and that's why I know that bacterial is still in my body and it's hard to get rid of. Can someone guide me. Where do I start and what protocol should I follow in ridding my body of this bacterial and healing the stomach. Is there a certain herb that can kill any bacterial and heal the leaky gut that's plaguing my body.

if there is a method to use. How much should be taken and for how long?

Thank you


Northtexasguy (Fort Worth, Texas) on 07/21/2012:
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I have had Gastritis and all they want to do is give me nexium and the such which I found gave me other issues over the last 6-7 years. I think it is from taking meds in the morning and coffee so close. My take. And in the last few years I would always take 1-2 "GAS-X" capsules which would help. Ususally I get so bloated that lying on my side or later in my sleep , wake up with stomach spasms and heart palpitations. No BLOATING.. Can drink with meals. I found this website a few months back and have been doing a number of things including ACV & baking soda with a 500mg of L-Glutamine (vitamin supplement) with each of the 3 8oz of the ACV tonic. DOES NOT bother the stomach.. In fact I have felt great! No palpitation issues over the last 4-5 weeks. I am very happy.. People look at me sideways when I tell them I am taking this stuff. The answer with so many folks is prescriptions ($$$). I also stopped dairy, cut down on coffee and taking 600-800 mg of "chelated magnesium", added B12s, sublingual 1200-2400 per day. My blood pressure is lowering, have not had the cholesterol checked yet hoping it went down from the 238 last spring. It is a blessing to have this website... thank you all for sharing. Tim

from the state of Texas where over 25% of it population is not insured.

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