Honey for Gastritis

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Sheleejim (Lares, Puerto Rico ) on 11/20/2009:
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I started drinking MMS slowly once a day gradually increasing the dose. When I reached 8 drops I got nausa, gas, severe stomach cramping, and diarrhea. I drop down the dose to once a day for 1 or two days the pain was so unbearable that I quit taking it and read that vitamin c took away the cramping so I tried it and it made me feel better for a day then I went to the hospital because the pain was back and I couldn't hold anything down and I was dehydrated. I was diagnosed with Gastritis I felt relief for a day then was right back were I started. Because I breastfeed my child I dont take any pills that will affect my milk. So I decided to go to my homeopathic doctor and he said that I messed up my PH of my body which can be very dangerous. I am now doing acupunture treatments and taking some homeopathic pills to regulate my stomach. Which made me feel a little better for a couple of days but then I started getting pains again but yesturday I found on the internet after many hours of searching that Manuka Honey was really good for gastritis and ulcers. I have been eating manuka honey before every meal and I feel so much better I don't get any pain, its natural and I can breastfeed my son like I usually do. My homeopathic doctor told me that MMS was bad for me! but it can be good for someone else I'm not trying to trash MMS but I do urge people to be careful and do lots of research. Ask yourself before you take MMS - Do I really need this? Am I really prepared for the consequences? Is there something else I can take or do? I still have the MMS but I havn't been taking it afraid of what might happen to me.
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