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Eileen (Pa) on 03/13/2016:
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Michelle, thank you for posting RAW HONEY for vomiting!!

My 9 year old son came down with the worst case of vomiting (and fever) he's ever had. Apparently, there is something going around where some kids are vomiting every 10 minutes! The nurse said we were lucky it was every hour. But, still it was scary and he was in so much pain. He hadn't eaten in two days and was starting to throw up bile. His stomach hurt so bad--I didn't know what to do for him as we were doing everything the doctor had told us to do:(. So, I went on Earth Clinic and found your post. I use raw honey every day so luckily I had some on hand. Gave him a teaspoon, mixed with about a teaspoon of water so it wasn't too thick. (he tends to gag easily). After a few minutes he said his stomach felt better. When I went back to check on him a second time he had fallen asleep (which indicated he was no longer in distress--thank God! )

Upon awakening, and after two hours he hadn't thrown up and I gave him a second teaspoon of honey. He felt so much better. And for the first time felt well enough to come downstairs and get comfy on the couch to watch tv. He had been in his room for several days. it was so amazing.

I repeated the teaspoon of honey one more time after two hours and he went 8 hours without throwing up and asked to eat something. He ate a little banana, and then later two small bowls of cheerios with milk--his instruction! :) I thought he might be overdoing it, but did it anyway. He slept through the night and in the morning threw up very little. No food came out so that had digested. Just some residual mucous from his cough. Gave him the honey, and he felt better right away.

It is almost evening and he hasn't thrown up all day. He ate a small light meal earlier. and is actually laughing in the other room with his sister as they watch a movie. His eyes look bright and he has no fever. This momma is so relieved.:)

Thank you so much Earth Clinic and Michelle from Florida! Once again you have proven how effective natural cures can be. I have always loved the healing properties of raw honey, but now I have an even greater appreciation for this "perfect food"!

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Michelle (West Palm Beach, Florida) on 03/05/2008:
5 out of 5 stars

Raw honey preferably organic - Raw Honey (unprocessed) helps get your energy back, kills germs of all types, halts diarrhea and intestinal cramps, (including firming stools) helps coughs and lung congestion and aids in the growth of healthy intestinal bacteria. It is a good source of B vitamins and minerals containing potassium, calcium and magnesium. It is quite literally the "perfect food" and can sustain life all on its own! It does not take any energy to digest it because it is predigested form from the bees. They do all the work, we reap all the benefits!

My eight-year-old got the flu, I gave him Raw Honey, 1 heaping teaspoon as soon as he finished vomiting, then nothing for three hours, unless they want more honey. He vomited twice total, and was completely well in a matter of hours! My husband got it, would not eat the honey, has been vomiting for two days STRAIGHT, can't keep food down! Then my four-year-old started vomiting. I gave him 1 tsp. honey, he stopped vomiting and ate honey about 1 tsp every two hours. He felt so much better in four hours, he (against my warning) ate Goldfish crackers and drank a Capri Sun! He vomited one more time and then by dinner, was completely well and ate a light dinner!! Amazing! So, now it's Tuesday, my ten-year-old gets it. Fever, body aches, headache, nausea! Wow, of course, I get the RAW HONEY, I give her a nice big tsp., she mixes it with water (she hates honey but has learned her lesson) I keep her home from school and send her to bed with a fever and no medicine. My husband calls, he is leaving work sick because he can't stop vomiting! Third day, he is in bed all day, eats nothing, and feels terrible. He comes home and sees our daughter, all better in a matter of two hours! (I think we caught it early enough, she is at school celebrating her Birthday!) He eats the honey! Today he is back to work, amazed at the benefits of the honey. You will be too. Special note: My six-year-old (who has autism) and I take the most supplements, eat mostly organic, don't drink soda, etc. we are the only ones in the family who didn't get this FLU!

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