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Vitamin C and Baking Soda for Flu-Like Illness, Fever, Weakness

Teena (Melbourne, Australia) on 07/20/2018
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Vitamin c and baking soda for flu-like illness, fever, weakness

My 12 year old snuggled into bed with us, a rare morning treat as I'd been working early mornings, and I immediately felt his fever. He had tummy and head pains and nausea, and was due for 3 day camp the next day. I immediately started him on wholefood vitamin c, 1000 mg, every hour and sometimes at 40 mins, as busy weekend schedule allowed.

Magnesium, in the form of food grade epsom salts, one '0' capsule, was given approx every 4 hours, and gave also that morning the bottle stated dose of natural liquid D3.

Also over the morning two separate teaspoon doses of organic coconut oil.

I told him if he had no improvement by midday I would have to bring out the Apple Cider Vinegar bs tonic, to which he reluctantly agreed. (half teaspoon baking soda, two teaspoons Apple cider vinegar, topped up with water, given every four hours, under great duress on account of the taste).

Just after midday it occurred to me that with the copious amounts of water being consumed with the frequent vitamin c capsules, and frequent Magnesium, he should have had a bowel movement, but hadn't, and not the previous day either, meaning toxins are not excreting and in fact recirculating and accumulating.

Gave two DGL licorice chewable tablets, half teaspoon organic castor oil then about half hour later made one baking soda capsule to which I added four drops liquid chlorophyll, to ensure there was no fizzing reaction, there was not, given with lots of water. (The idea came from reading a post of Ted's where he was able to purchase sodium bicarbonate and mint tablets. Well peppermint is an ingredient in my liquid chlorophyll). And during all this time giving 1000mg wholefood vitamin c at least every hour.

Finally, he is able to go toilet. Very hard stools followed immediately by the runs. My son is pleased he knows this is the toxins leaving. I make 3 more baking soda/chlorophyll capsules over the afternoon/evening and pull back the vitamin c to one tablet (500mg) each hour, *more runs, reduce further to two hours. Please note baking soda must not be given on a full stomach, the only food my son ate was at breakfast, I made him three eggs cooked in tsp coconut oil, nothing else. By bedtime there was a significant improvement in his condition, we were unsure if he would be able to go to camp, decided to see in the morning, after solid sleep. It was a different child who came into see us, in the morning, bouncy and excited for camp. I sent him with wholefood vitamin c, two each morning and two each night, the school does not allow medicines on camp, fortunately they do not view vitamins as medicine. I, obviously, do. Best to you.

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