Impetigo in Children for Ivory Soap and Campho-Phenique

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Elaine (Lubbock, TX) on 08/10/2007:
5 out of 5 stars

When I was very young, I had impetigo on half of my head. My mother stumbled onto the simplest remedy after all other traditional medical treatments failed. She would wash the area with plain Ivory soap, and then apply Campho-Phenique. The impetigo healed within days, instead of the weeks that she had used the usual prescribed methods of antibiotics and salves. Years later when I had my own daughter, I was trying the usual modern medicine way, the doctor had prescribed gentian violet (which burns like the dickens) and the condition was just spreading. My mother reminded me of how she helped mine to heal and I promptly did as she had, and I am happy to report that the impetigo that I had battle with my daughter for a couple of weeks, was rapidly healed within 48 hours of starting the soap, water and campho-phenique. Sometimes simplicity is the key.
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