Ear Infections in Children for Lemon Grass Tea for Ear Infections

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Thamas (east coast nsw, australia) on 11/20/2007:
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My son when he was 3 had recurring ear infections that once landed him in hostpital with double infections in both ears and a temperature of 40.He was on antibiotics on a regular basis and I cringed every time. Needless to say this did not cure the problem. On research I found that lemon grass has a very high vitamin A content and knowing that vitamin A is vital to fight infections I made tea for him. Well He loved the taste and he is now 12 and has NEVER had an ear ache since! so now when he is looking a bit run down or he's had too much of a good thing, I give him lemon grass tea. Fresh is best, luckily where I live it grows easily and abundantly in my garden. So It's free just like nature intended!
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