Ear Infections in Children for Laughter

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Mama To Many (Tn) on 06/24/2017:
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My daughter had an earache a week ago. I treated it with Mullein Oil, my go to for earaches. (Thought I do use garlic oil when I have it around. Being that it is summer, I am clean out of garlic oil - I tend to only need it in the winter. And oddly, I am out of garlic to make more right now.)

Anyway, the pain passed but the congestion remained, which has been very irritating to her, of course.

So we did hydrogen peroxide in the ears. I made onion oil and tried that. Nope. Nada. Nothing!

Then her other ear got clogged.

So off to Earth Clinic to find another remedy. I read about holding the mouth shut and the nose closed and breathing out through the nose, gently to clear blocked ears. I was skeptical because I worry this would make it worse. But my husband says he did this all the time when he had ear trouble as a boy....so I told her what to do. She did it and immediately the ear that hadn't been blocked as long was clear! Whoa!

She would repeat this new blowing technique throughout the day. (With my cautions to do it gently! )

One time, just as she was doing this, my youngest said something funny and it made her laugh, while she was blowing through her nose. POOF! Her ear cleared!

I should have just started with jokes, I guess! It never hurts to laugh and it might just help! :)

~Mama to Many~

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