Ear Infections in Children for Honey

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Siafu (Three, GA) on 03/26/2009:
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My son developed an earache the other night and I was about to warm up some oil, but then had another idea; honey - locally procured of course.

I went ahead and used a dropper to place two drops into the affected ear and literally within seconds he went quiet and pulled the covers over his head. I was talking to my wife about what else we could do when I noticed he was not squirming under the covers. I pulled the covers back to reveal a wonderful sleeping little boy with no more pain. Altogether this took probably a minute or less.

This lasted all night and well into the next day until the afternoon when it happened again, but not as severe. Keep in mind that when it began he was kicking and grabbing his ear, not wanting me to touch it or do anything.

My wife took him to a doctor who said his ear was infected.

I have not had to try it again, but next time I'll be sure to reach for the honey. I hope this can be of use to someone, especially the little ones.

I don't know what warnings to give about honey but be sure to research it before giving it to your child or anyone, even in the ear.

EC: Honey is not recommended for children 12 months old and under.

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