Ear Infections in Children for Garlic and Hydrogen Peroxide, Alcohol

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Holly (O'fallon, Mo) on 06/03/2011:
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This works! I have five kids and have dealt with numerous earaches. Chop one tooth of the garlic clove and place on a cotton ball or pad. Wrap cotton around garlic and set in a bowl. Pour peroxide or rubbing alcohol over cotton ball and let sit for a minute or two. Drop 3 or 4 drops into ear and let sit for 2 minutes. Place a dry cotton ball in ear and tilt head or lay down (on the earache side) and let drain. If using peroxide wait until bubbling stops (a few minutes). Peroxide will clean out any wax or build up in the ear. Alcohol seems to evaporate quickly and aids in draining. (But chose one ore the other, not both at the same time! )
My mom always used a washcloth filled with warm salt as pain relief for earaches. Warm 1/4 cup table salt in pan on low heat until salt is warm to the touch. Pour into center of washcloth. Bring sides of washcloth up and wrap a rubber band just above pile of salt. Place on ear until it cools(it usually lasts about 15/20 min). This heat brings great relief and is safer/easier than a heating pad (great for middle of the night! ) Be careful not to get salt too hot, it can burn the thin skin around your ear.
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