Ear Infections in Children for Garlic, Hydrogen Peroxide

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Jasmine (Oklahoma City, Ok) on 12/31/2010:
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I am soooo thankful for the EC participants! My 4-yr old daughter suffered her first earache recently. I tried alternating mucinex and children Tylenol to help with the drainage and the pain. Even Rescon - which is specific to Eustachian tube drainage. A week later we are still dealing with the varying pain from the earache. I have been to this site before but this is my first time posting b/c your recommendations WORK!

While she was sleeping I used a note from Garlic "YEAs". Mixed a small SCORE of garlic with olive oil then dipped a small portion of toilet paper in the now garlic oil (didn't have cotton balls). I balled it big enough where it basically sat on the outer cusp of her ear - did not push it down inside. Left it there for 1 hour while she slept. In the morning she was CURED! Chipper and yelling her ear was better. Then said there was a lot of wax coming out. The ear infection had drained out - it was a watery yellowish substance. This was not from the garlic mixture as I only dabbed a small piece of tissue and did not even stick that all the way in her ear. I couldn't believe it!!!!

To remove some of the drainage of which some had crusted on the outside of the ear - I started with a warm washcloth to soften the crust and worked my way in. Then to get the inner drainage I diluted Hydrogen Peroxide with room temp bottled water and put a few drops inside. My daughter reported NO pain and said she could hear the bubbling in her ear (smiling all the while as if this were a science project). THE REMEDIES WORK!!!! Thank you ALL for your feedback (even the nays add valuable insight - don't overdo it).

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