Zinc - Immune Health Wonder Nutrient

Multiple Cures Reported
Posted by Deirdre (CT) on 11/08/2020

At least a decade ago, I started writing on Earth Clinic about trying to clear up nail issues on one of my feet. Then about 4 years ago, I started to have a bad rash on the top of my foot that I also wrote about. This rash got worse and worse and worse over time. A bunch of Earth Clinic readers were kind enough to write in suggestions about that one, and two incredibly kind women even sent me homemade herbal ointments to try!

Well, I wanted to report a CURE after all these years. It appears that it was a simple case of zinc deficiency!!

I started to take a zinc/copper supplement this summer and the itchy rash on the top of my foot disappeared after a week. I had managed to get it mostly clear by applying an antifungal OTC to it, but the zinc supplement completely eliminated the rash and I no longer have to apply anything to it.

Then... after 10 or more years, the nail on my big toe has finally grown in PERFECTLY over the past few months. For many years it kept splitting in the middle and looked terrible. I tried a lot of remedies over the years to cure it, including a cheapo apple cider vinegar from Heinz, which dyed my entire foot orange for a while (not kidding, that post is on Earth Clinic).

Now how many people would relate these two issues to a zinc deficiency? I've had issues on that right foot for decades, so I'm guessing I've been zinc deficient for 30+ years. I have never regularly supplemented with zinc, believe it or not!

Got fungal and/or nail issues? Try zinc for 6 months and report back.

Is the copper important? Possibly but I don't know for sure.