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Posted by Dave (Ontario, Canada) on 11/16/2023

I visited the Amazon site for powdered melatonin and confused about what strength to buy. There are bags with 3mg strength, 10mg They are different price from $20. To $40. Depending on size and strength and then there was a choice of laboratory grade 99.9% pure strength for $200. + or -?

Replied by Art
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Hi Dave,

Melatonin powder is available in one strength, but manufacturers describe using different amounts to equal so many milligrams such as 3 mg or 10 mg. They are basically mentioning the dose they are recommending and sometimes include a scoop for the amount they are recommending.

So any bulk powder melatonin should work. Earth Clinic has posted an easier mix that requires just one, 1/4 teaspoon at level full to make a 3 ounce melatonin lotion mix. You can find that in the original article where it has been added today.

A $20 bag of melatonin powder should contain about 25 grams of melatonin and that should be enough melatonin to make at least 25 mixes of melatonin lotion.

Skip the $200 bag of melatonin. My friends used the bag of melatonin that EC linked to in the article which is around $20.


Where to Buy
Posted by Hy (Florida) on 11/14/2023

My name is Hyacinth. I receive Earth Clinic emails. I particularly want to find out about the email sent today regarding Topical Melatonin Powder and the Cetaphil Moisturing Lotion to make to recipe for topical pains in lower back, neck and shoulder.

I called a Homeopathic Pharmacy but they did not have it, as I bought two other items related to Earth Clinic's email. I am really interested to know where the Pure Melatonin Powder and the Cetaphil Moisurizing Lotion could be bought as there was no note of this on the link. Thanks.

Replied by JenE

Hya, Hyacinth!

I noted this in the links above --- maybe it was a later addition?

Am doing research for my brother and a couple of friends, and maybe for myself before too long since 69 y/o knees feeling the stresses now.

Where to Buy Melatonin Powder

Bulk Supplements sells a large bag of pure melatonin powder reasonably priced.

Melatonin Powder Bulk Supplements - $18.96 for 25 grams - 8,333 servings

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Hi Hyacinth,

I didn't actually add any links for ingredients in the article, but I believe this is the link that EC put into the article for melatonin powder :

This bag will be enough for 25 four ounce jars of the mix described in the article.

This is the common lotion that my friends used to make their melatonin lotion :,hpc,183&sr=1-3

This bottle will make approximately eight 4 oz. batches of the lotion.

This is the gin that they used that cost under $20 for the bottle at Costco:

This bottle will make approximately over 23 of the four ounce mixes. They chose this gin because of the number of listed botanicals (9 botanicals) in it as well as the price.

I am not recommending these three products, just showing what my friends used for their mixes. I would think that similar products would work similarly.


I will ask EC if they can add these other two links to the article.

EC: Thanks, Art. Links added to the bottom of the article!

Where to Buy: UK

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Posted by Art (California) on 02/05/2024 2091 posts

How To Get Melatonin Powder In The UK To Use For Melatonin Lotion

Recently I came across a bulk supplier in the UK that sells melatonin powder. Here is a link to that supplier:

I'm not sure why, but it takes a long time for their website to load and open.

I had recommended this supplier to an acquaintance in the UK and they said they received quick service and would buy from them again, so I thought I would share the link since melatonin powder seems harder to obtain in the UK compared to the US.


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