MMS: The Miracle Mineral Supplement from Jim Humble

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Posted by DB (California ) on 05/25/2022

The most recent recommendations is 3 drops of MMS, 3 drops of Hydrochloric acid to 4 ounces of water, no more than 3 drops, every hour, for 8 hours. You mix 3 drops of MMS and 3 drops of Hydrochloric acid together first, wait 30 seconds until it turns dark yellow and then add the 4 ounces of water. It is best to mix it every hour, but if you are out and about, you can mix the 8 hours in advance. This information is from a video Jim Humble made and I personally watched.

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Posted by JIMKOVACS (CARACAS, VENEZUELA) on 03/23/2022


Really a life-saver for me. at 68 years I had been dealing with many stomach problems, esophagitis, hernias, candida, h-pylori, you name it.

Also sinus problems, cervical issues and arthritis...

I started this on an empty stomach before breakfast and it took it all away!

I do one more shot with ChlorineDioxide drops in the afternoon, and use Colloidal Silver spray in my nose against possible COVID since this all started...

I have not gotten any Jabs, but feel that my Immune System has really perked up since this combo.

STRONGLY recommend it for all out there!

Blessings and inspiration, Nature boosts your body's healing in ways big-pharma could never do...

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Posted by Chianti (Auckland) on 10/11/2018

MMS for all mankind ...and animals

I have been a naturopath for 40 years. I no longer run my clinic basically because mms with a no grain, dairy/sugar free diet addresses most, if not all chronic or challenging health concerns. But we cannot prescribe it. Knowing there is something out there which I cannot give to people who need it has put an end to my career.

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Posted by Steven (Mauritius) on 08/18/2015

My dad got a bad tooth ache due to infection and he took 6 drops of activated MMS and tooth ache was gone on the next day. Note that he kept solution quite a while in his mouth before swallowing it.

My mum's sore throat vanished within 24 hours after gargling 8 drops of activated MMS solution with DMSO added to it.

The best for the end.

I personally experienced the powerful healing properties of MMS when I suffered from chronic candidiasis infection. It was a nightmare.

I was very weak, headache, had oral thrush and passing a lot of gas, sinusitis.

I followed Jim Humble instruction, I took 3 drops of MMS every hour for 8 hours a day, for 1 week. I must admit that the taste was horrible, couldn't bear it, but I continued. I also had diarrhea when taking MMS whereby I could go the toilet 2 times in a day.

Then the 2nd week, I took 4 drops of MMS every hour for 8 hours a day. Again I had severe diarrhea, passing out even more gas, stomach upset. I believe that fungus was now under attack by MMS as my body was detoxifying.

3rd week, I took 5 drops of MMS every hour for 8 hours a day. I was happy in the morning when I examine my tongue, oral thrush gone, but still there was some swelling on side of my tongue. No more headache and I regained energy. But still I had to deal with the diarrhea which was extremely loose. My sinusitis associated to the infection, seemed to be unaffected, I had that blocked nostril when lying down to sleep at night.

4th week, I took 6 drops of MMS every hour for 8 hours a day. No more oral thrush, swelling on side of my tongue was still there, feeling more energetic, diarrhea was less frequent, was passing little gas by now, sinusitis remained unaffected.

5th week, I took 7 drops of MMS every hour for 8 hours a day. No more oral thrush, swelling on side of my tongue decreased significantly but was still there, energy level was back to normal, diarrhea was quite rare, my digestive tract was almost normal, was passing very little gas, sinusitis remained unaffected.

6th week, I couldn't keep on with MMS as I felt that my body was now saturated with the horrible taste. I felt like throwing up each time I took MMS. So I stopped taking it. Instead, I took organic red grape juice. 1 liter per day. Hoping to build up my immune system, after 2 weeks on organic grape juice, oral thrush vanish, energy level return back to normal, no more swelling on side of tongue, sinusitis decreased significantly, my digestive tract is back to normal, no more headache.

It looks that my blocked nostril associated with my chronic sinusitis is now disappearing. I now have a very lightly blocked nose at night when lying down.

I even gave the surplus of MMS bottles to a friend suffering from stomach cancer. I'll keep you updated on that.

Thanks Jim. God bless

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Posted by Shree (India) on 07/28/2015

Hi friends! I will tell you my experience of MMS and general opinion. Experience : I am 68. I had lot many digestive problems, general weakness and suffering from sciatica for more than 30 years. Even if I will eat handful of light food (I am vegetarian) I used to suffer sever stomach pain and continuous burping for at least 2 - 3 hrs. I tried several medicines but no relief.

When I took only 10% concentration MMS, 10 drops( 2 drops per hour ) for two days, a real miracle happened. I had a mild diarrhea next day but all troubles vanished. I continued for a week and today is the 8th day. I am truly feeling more energetic (without any tonic or vitamin supplement ) and younger. But what is about my sciatica problem? I frequently used to take Calcium and Vit D3 pills but no use. And MMS does not contain calcium or vitamin D3. Then how I got at least 90% relief from MMS? Many many thanks to Jim Humble!

My sincere opinion: 1) I believe in Ayurveda, a great Indian science of Health. As per Ayurveda every substance (herbs, minerals, chemical compounds etc.) is either Amrut or Poison which depends upon the quantity and method you take. 2) Body requires medicines only on supportive basis and not continuously. 3) How our body reacts with any drug, nobody will ever know 100% 4) Personal experience is direct proof than any theoretical discussion.

And at the end I will say about MMS - If you are afraid, don't try it. If want to try, start with small doses than suggested. If found beneficial try it cautiously and whenever required. Observe any long term side effects. If observed any adverse effect stop it immediately. Every individual is different.

God bless you.

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Posted by Renate (Hiawassee, Ga) on 06/26/2015

I had a very painful infection in my gums and outside of my gums a very large pus pocket formed on the gum, I took MSM twice a day and after 5 days no more painful gums teeth or skull. I have never had any side effects, been using it for years. Have been slack about using it for about two years hence the infectious gums and teeth. Will not do that again two drops every day from now on.

EC: Hi Renate,

Please confirm that you meant MMS and not MSM? You've posted on our MMS page. Thanks!

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Posted by Gonzo (Seattle, Washington) on 09/29/2012

My wife and I started MMS thre months ago. We are both healthy, run, lift, eat good, organic foods, ect. To avoid nausea, and the other unpleasent reactions, start like this: One half drop mms, one half drop 50% citric acid( one drop each, just half the mixture ), mix, wait 20 seconds. We like Knudesons black cherry, add to MMS( about three tblspns. ), add water to make 1/3 cup and down the hatch! Each day increase by 1/2 drop till on three drops an hour, eight hours a day. You can make a jug of eight hour MMS for all day as follows. 24drops MMS, 24 drops 50% citric acid. Mix, let stand twenty seconds. Add 1/3 cup of juice, fill the rest with filtered/purified water. Drink 1/2 cup every hour till gone. In two weeks, athletes foot gone, rosatia gone, nails are perfect, sleep better, mind is way clear and sharp. Wake up with more energy, peri-anal cyst is gone, teeth are hard and white, allergies ( my wife has had seasonal allergy attacks for 30 years ) gone in three days of protocol 1000, recover from hard training way fast, on and on. We now do maintainance dose of three drops twice a day. Every one around us has gotten sick. Not us. This stuff is great, and it works!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted by Linda (Christchurch, Canterbury New Zealand) on 05/05/2011

I had been trying to get rid of a host of intestinal parasites I picked up in India and China 3 years ago. Rife, homeopathy and a natruapath all helped a little. I took MMS, 6 drops a day for only a week and they ALL went. I had a few cancer cells in 4 places in my body, I'm now down to only 1, which is graually disappearing. I'm [at last] feeling like I have a bit more energy. I'm up to 10 drops twice a day now, and will stay there for a while. I've been rather depressed since the earthquake, and I feel that has improved as well. Has anyone else found MMS has helped with depression? Its wonderful, please spread the word, I know its hard to believe but it really works!!!

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Posted by Jerome (Brooklyn, Ny) on 03/06/2011 7 posts

This is a reply to Aresem from Saudi Arabia about MMS: That is amazing, I also had the same exact experience as your house maid! I increased the MMS drops one a day, and when I reached 9 drops worms started to drop out dead with my bowel movements. Before trying MMS I had tried wormwood/clove/black walnut as well as several other anti-parasite and anti-candida supplements, but apparently none of them worked because the worms were evidently in me until MMS got them out. This stuff really is a miracle supplement.

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Posted by Jerome (Brooklyn, Ny) on 03/04/2011 7 posts

YEA for MMS. I had a longstanding case of epididymitis and prostatitis for almost three years, that I suspect came from a case of Chlamydia that I contracted years ago and never fully got rid of. It got to the point where I had a constant pain in my left side (where my testicles meet my leg) and my left testicle was extremely sensitive all the time.

A urologist gave me a course of doxycycline (back when I still trusted doctors) which seemed to bring the pain under control, but a month or so after I stopped the antibiotics the pain crept back and became as bad as ever. After giving up on doctors, I began to try alternative remedies, the first one being colloidal silver (a common brand sold at Vitamin Shoppe). To my great joy I immediately began to notice a decrease in pain from taking 5-7 tablespoons of colloidal silver a day. After a couple of weeks taking colloidal silver the epididymitis and prostatitis was 80-90% gone. I figured that was as cured as I was going to get, and I was happy with the lack of pain, so I stopped the silver.

After the silver I began taking MMS for other lingering health problems I had. I began with 5 drops of MMS twice a day on an empty stomach. After one day I noticed my urine was suddenly cloudy with white blood cells. This told me that my body was fighting something in my urinary tract area. At the same time, I noticed that my epididymitis/prostate pain had disappeared--and I mean 100% GONE, almost overnight. What this told me was that the MMS had basically kicked the living heck out of whatever bacteria/parasite was causing my crotch pain. Needless to say, I was thrilled.

After less than a week on MMS, when I reached 9 drops twice a day, I started to notice something else--I was passing WORMS with my bowel movements. Needless to say, I was simultaneously disgusted and happy that the MMS was killing these parasites and that they were now leaving my body. I will continue taking the MMS and increasing the drops until I feel that I am free of these disgusting parasites.

Finally, I would like to add a note to readers not trust any so called "quackwatch" or other sites calling MMS poison or a scam. I gave MMS a chance because I felt I was at the end of my rope with a laundry list of health problems that seemingly nothing would cure, and so far MMS has surpassed all expectations with no side effects except for a couple of instances of mild nausea (which I suspect was the worms being killed by the MMS). Why are there so many (dishonest) people online who don't want to see others get well??

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Posted by Tomstyn (Adelaide, Australia) on 12/08/2009

mms did all the usual things you read about for me as well and i am now on some maintanance drops and it has made some small moles in the V of my neck lighten and then disapear. also it must have gotten rid of a bug in my gut that that was sucking the moisture out of what was going thru my intestines. previously no matter how much i drank there was always that dryness on its way out, now all is well. also less urge for sugars and carbs

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Posted by Aresem (Saudi Arabia, Alkhobar) on 11/05/2009

MMS with Pneumonia & Parasites Infection

I came to know about MMS more than two years ago, I tried it my self first following very carefully the protocol as written in the book of Jim Humble. After my successful trial I started to use it with my family including my grand children with 100% success rate for various health conditions.

In one case one of my house maid expelled total of sixteen worms (Ascaris) using MMS. I started her from a drop per day increasing a drop on each succeeding day backing off a drop every time the stomach discomfort is felt. By the time she is up to ten drops the worms drop out dead with the feces. She notice that her belly where she had those hard lump are all gone and where not hard as it use to be before taking MMS.

In another another case my daughter came home from school with high fever and I told my wife to give her 4 drops of MMS after a few hours she is back to normal health.

My son who got pneumonia and his doctor wanted to have him admitted for confinement in the hospital but because of financial constrained he refused instead opted to take MMS after I told him about it. I gave him a bottle and started taking it as directed. Starting from a drop increasing a drop each day. When he started having diarrhea and feels nauseous he back off by a drop staying at that dosage until the body is comfortable again. After a day of taking MMS the symptoms of the disease start to subside and after a week he is back to normal. Before he started on MMS he was already taking antibiotics which his Doctor prescribed and taking already for a more than two weeks but failed to help him.

MMS works and is safe as long as the direction for its use is followed carefully. Probably safer than pharmaceutical drugs which kills people by the thousand a year. Many people who are in the medical profession may not like it for some financial reason and it is for that reason that some of the posts here are meant to discourage people from using it.

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Posted by Chris Brown (OceanView, DE. United States) on 03/10/2009

It have been on MMS for 2 weeks and here is what I advise you, now that I understand everything. IT WORKS! This is how you take it and why :)

Start 1 drop & 5 Citric non vitamin C. you can't have vitamn c 2 hours before and 2 hours after.

So 1 = 5. Swish it around let it setup for 3 minutes up to 25. You move up a drop each session 1 in Morning and 1 in Night. Then I found out the reaction after getting to 15 drops so I went back to 11 drops the next morning slowly working my way up :). I then found a smell but it was in my nose haha becasue my smell came back.

For 19 years I couldn't smell anything because of smoking. Symoms *BEFORE! = Serious Brain FOG, Forgetting, Memroy Loss, Pain, Joint Pain, Herpes, Tired all the time, Had to have 20 teeth removed, Was getting worse and almsot bed ridden.

*NOW! Getting ready for work. Answering Fire Calls while other firefighters turn red with dehydration I just look at them and wonder and give them bottled water. So if you get the reaction just back off a drop or 2 when yu find that special dose and work your way up.

Get the BOOK and the DVD so you better understand it and do research of how poeple have taken it! that's my story.
I know what it does and how it works. If I had Cancer or anything I would definatly take it ASAP!..... If mms is left in sunlight it will negate and make it not a workable solution. The crap for many years has now broken up in my chest and now coming out by coughing it out. I almost have no phlem after 2 weeks *before I felt like I had Nemonia.
That' My story = It Works!