MMS: The Miracle Mineral Supplement from Jim Humble

Multiple Cures
Posted by Alta (Richmond, Va, Usa) on 03/03/2010


My daughter and I started MMS 10 days ago. We started with 2 drops 2 x day. My daughter (grown) had a severe reaction to the citric acid so we switched to vinegar.

Slowly increasing the dosage. On the 3rd day, I had diarrhea. On the 5th and 6th day I had diarrhea with a small amount of nausea. I cut back for a day, untill I was feeling better. After 1 day of feeling better, I had diarrhea with nausea again. Is it normal to have 4 days of nausea so close together. We are going by the directions but we are putting it into capcules because of the taste. We are up to 10 drops 2 times a day.

I've always had a problem with swollen ankles but dr ran tests and could not find anything. My ankles seem to have gone down some, and I find I am not craving. I am overweight and hope to lose.

My daughter, I expected to have more problems because she has epilepsy but she has had less problems so far.

Has anyone had success with epilepsy? We want to get her off all meds (she was off meds for 4 years with less seizures than when she was on meds) but a couple of years ago seizures came back severe and we put her back on them.

Thanks for any help.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Kate (Washington DC, Washington DC) on 04/18/2009


MMS - Lyme Disease, EBV & Lupus Treatment.

I initially started treating naturally with Cat's Claw (liquid drops). I took 15 drops 2 times per day. I took this for 1 week and noticed my energy level increase and my vision improved. It also took my joint pain away but it kept me up all night. I may have taken too much. I then ordered MMS and stopped taking the Cat's Claw so I could fall asleep at night again.

I started MMS with 1 drop and made it to 10 drops before herxheimer. I experienced extreme vomiting and diarrhea. Vomiting lasted 1 hour while diarrhea lasted 7 hours. Saw 4 different types of worms and other parasites in the stool. Some looked like small jellyfish - really gross. I then stopped the MMS for 2 days and started back with 5 drops. After the vomiting and diarrhea, the kill off of the parasites were released from my body and I began to feel so much better.

At this point, my energy level is much improved. My eyesight is getting better, I am able to focus a little more and all my joint pain has gone away. I have suffered with Lyme disease for 2 years. I have been taking the MMS for 3 weeks now.

I have been taking, along with the MMS treatment, a kidney support tablet, coral legend, a probiotic and a greens mix to maintain a balanced ph and to flush the kidneys. I test my ph 3 times daily which remains at 7.0 since on the MMS.

The MMS is definitely working. I have recommended it to two friends that are also taking it now with positive results.

I have created spreadsheet which contains the date and time of when I eat, what I eat, my mood, MMS dosage, ph level, bowel movements, and any pain etc. I plan to take the MMS and chart my experience each day. Once I reach about 2 months I think I will be able to see exactly what if any reactions or improvements happen with food and MMS, exercise etc.

I'd like to mention that I am a vegetarian (15 years) and believe that this has benefited me by allowing the healing to take place in a more alkaline environment. I suggest that meat and dairy products be avoided to promote the positive effects of the MMS. I also suggest eating as many raw fruits and vegetables to promote the proper ph of the body. I have seen a complete turn around with this diet and MMS.

I am finally getting my life back. MMS works!

Multiple Cures
Posted by Pat (Algarve, Portugal) on 03/31/2009


I've been using mms for about 5 weeks. I started with 5 drops and the next 3 days were amazing!I felt a huge fizzing inside my body. I had gone down with yet another cold which made my head feel like a football. This fizzing was very strong in my head. I sweated moderately, but the most amazing thing was that I felt as though something had opened. I have always hated the cold, always put loads of clothes on, but now I feel normal and am no longer afraid of the cold.

At the same time I felt as though my body was going through a fast, dullness on waking, lethargy, short lived stabbing pains, and very coated tounge. I was very impressed with mms and got to 25 drops when the nausea came.....I stopped for 24 hours and then began again at 5 drops.

My smell has returned and my hair is amazing!!!! My eyes are opening and whatever was in the urinary tract, which caused lots of dramatic loo runs, has gone.

I am now on 15 drops and am very bloated. Since taking mms I cannot tolerate eggs at all, and I wonder if I'm wheat intolerant as whenever I eat it I feel awful. I havn't seen any testimonials on bloating which makes me wonder if its the bread. Maybe the mms is clearing the debris? Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.