MMS: The Miracle Mineral Supplement from Jim Humble

Multiple Cures
Posted by R. (Dallas, Texas, Usa) on 03/05/2011


Hi EC readers, I to was interested in MMS for Hiv/Aids, and other illnesses(prostatitis included). But after talking to 4 different friends who bought this product, and used it for a month, or more, said they all got sick from it, and MMS did nothing for there other health issues either. In fact all 4 of my friends said there T-Cells and Viral loads were worse than they were before they started this toxic drug. So I would not take it, and advise anyone to do your research as Ellie said! Google it and make your own intelligent decisions. Everyone has different opinions regarding this MMS, and what works for some might not work for others.

I have also tried 5 or more other so called Hiv/Aids treatments/supplements that did nothing to help me either. So I am about to just give up and keep taking the dreaded pills that I have loathed for the last 20 years of this disease! At least I am still alive from taking all of these pills prescribed by a doctor, 20 years later. But that does not mean I like it! And I will continue to do my research and look for a way to help myself. I eat healthy, don't drink or do illegal drugs, and I guess this has helped me to stay alive. So just do your research before you take this toxic MMS, for any health concern! Your life is in your own hands.