$30 Spinal Stenosis Homeopathic Protocol That Works

Calcarea Phosphorica
Posted by Art (California) on 08/06/2020 933 posts
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I was reading a report of the use of Calcarea Phosphorica (CP) for spinal lordosis which I believe the common name for is swayback, in which CP was successfully used as a treatment. I'm just posting this to show that spinal issues which current medicine may not have answers for may be helped by the use of homeopathy! Here is a link to that article:


Given the known safety profile of homeopathic remedies, the reasonable availability, the noninvasive nature and reasonable cost of homeopathic remedies, they should always be worth consideration for many health issues. Some health issues are not exactly generic and these will require a homeopathic practitioner to make an individualized remedy, but when you are running into a block wall with traditional medicine, homeopathy should be an option worth considering!