White Vinegar - From Kitchen to Medicine Cabinet

Multiple Cures
Posted by Serena (North, Missouri) on 04/13/2008
5 out of 5 stars

White vinegar is amazing stuff! It has cured my toenail fungus, my daughter's athlete foot & my son's, & a dry, brittle hair.

I am in the process of using it for dog mites now. I have cleaned the flooring thoroughly with White vinegar/Eucalyptus oil/Tea Tree oil/Lavender for killing sarcoptic mange mites. It kills instantly. I make the solution up in my extracter with straight white vinegar & 1/4th of the essential oils added in. I have the same mixture in a spray bottle for spraying down couches, mattresses, etc. also. I am using the spray on a cottonball right now for our dog's ears. It calms them fast from scratching the mites. I'll let you know if it cures the mange when they are cured.:)

I use it to clean our counters/bathrooms, linoleum & haven't had an ant epidemic since. I've lived here for 14 years & had ants every year up to last year when I began using this spray of white vinegar. It kills germs fast!

Excellent for getting rid of yellow, stuck on grease also!

Health wise, I can't say enough about white vinegar!